Danger of passive smoking"

Danger of passive smoking"

researches seemed that passive smoking has strong negative impact not only on the respiratory system of the person, but also on organs of hearing. And probability begins from decrease in acoustical activity to full loss of hearing. It turned out that researches were conducted between several thousands of people who showed voluntary participation in the project and made blood tests on the hazardous substance content which remain after smoking of tobacco products. And many of them never smoked, the second smoked seldom, and the third were inveterate fans of this business.

Some indicators of smoking can reveal who was really passive smokers and who did not. As a result it turned out that problems of acoustical activity arose and were more at passive, than active smokers. Strange, but fact! Researches seemed that the frequency of loss of hearing is very high – to 30 percent.

From where did it undertake? It turned out that passive smoking affects work of blood vessels of the hearing aid, their circulation or speed of a blood-groove decreases then less oxygen comes to an ear that will be reflected over time in the level of perception of a sound of the hearing aid. Accumulation of toxic substances, side effects of smoking which have negative effect on cages goes the following, reducing their activity and raising possibilities of genetic change.

How many it is necessary to be the passive smoker in order that hearing decreased – so far nobody knows. But be sure that it influences precisely, and you keep far from active smoking as it will not result in any advantage.

Regrettably, but the most harmful factor of passive smoking is that pregnant women become them. Similar researches showed that at pregnant women problems with incubation, delays of childbirth or some other unpleasant complications begin. Therefore it is better to be protected from influences of external factors of the lived place and to stay at home, than to inhale accidental tobacco smokes from drivers, passersby or the neighbor from the top floor.

But if you after all decided to get out of the house, then conform to some right rules:

  • Before landing in the car or the taxi be convinced that the driver or relatives do not smoke.
  • Go poorly populated areas or streets where it is less than the probability of what will be lit.
  • More often be at the dacha, a country house or the village where the small probability that smoke is late in air.
  • Try to avoid casual trips to acquaintances or friends, at least for incubation of the child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team