Face exercises

Face exercises

, folds and flabby skin are a nightmare of many people. With age these problems increase, and defects on a face become all apparent. Sometimes intensive and persistent use of creams, gels, emulsions, serums, eliksirov etc. does not yield desirable result. Will help to keep skin of healthy and beautiful special face exercises. We will list the simplest and most effective receptions for different facial muscles in this article.

How does the gymnastics of persons improve a condition of our skin? Properties of skin and its appearance directly depend on facial muscles which support her. As well as any other muscles, they give in to trainings. These trainings are necessary for maintenance of face muscles in a tone and ensuring their working capacity. Also regular loads of these muscles which we usually do not train will remove a lymph and excess liquid from area under eyes, thereby having saved us from puffiness and bags under eyes. The gymnastics for the person not only will prevent appearance of new wrinkles, but also will straighten those which already managed to appear. And support of muscles in a tone will provide normal inflow of blood to face skin that will give it a pleasant ruddy shade. Skin begins to produce the collagen necessary for maintenance of its smooth also the mechanism regulating release of skin fat and narrowing pores takzhevklyuchatsya. To achieve amazing results you need only half an hour in day. If to sum up, then the face exercises yield improbable results at the minimum efforts and time expenditure.

Let's consider the most widespread face exercises:

  1. Lay down on a back so that the head hanged down from edge of a bed. Slowly raise the head as if trying to look at a stomach, and remain in this situation on desyatsekund. Relax, having again cast away the head back. Repeat exercise five times.
  2. Sit down and begin to look in a ceiling, having squeezed lips and having relaxed. Then squeeze lips as at a kiss and extend them to a ceiling up. Detain lips extended for ten seconds, and then relax and return the head to a starting position. Repeat five times.
  3. Sit down directly, looking forward. Close guby, without unclenching them, relax the lower jaw and remove it as much as possible forward. Be late in such situation for ten seconds, then relax. Repeat exercise pyatraz.
  4. The following exercise is in that, sitting on a chair directly and having cast away the head back, to close a mouth, and then to begin to make chewing movements. Not only face muscles, but also necks work. Repeat twenty times.
  5. Sit down directly, having cast away the head back and having relaxed close lips. Then try to close an upper lip lower as strongly as you will be able. Keep situation within five seconds. Relax and repeat the movement five times.
  6. Sit down directly, having cast away the head back. Put out tongue and try to reach it a chin. Keep situation within ten seconds, and then return to normal situation. Then rasslabtes also repeat exercise five times.

Besides these exercises freshness perfectly weak pats on skin will help to give to the face. Movements have to be such as though you put ends middle and ring fingers. Fast and easy movements will give to brightness skin, and massage of ears will weaken and will fill the person with shine. Big and index fingers mass and slightly delay an ear lobe. Also do auricle bends.

If you do not shirk and to practise regularly, then flabby skin and wrinkles will be gone for few days. Remember that the gymnastics is necessary not only for a body, but also for the person.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team