For what use tar soap: let's tell how to use, about advantage and harm

For what use tar soap: let's tell how to use, about advantage and harm

Much know of advantage of birch sap, however not all know that they from a birch get one more useful product — tar. The last has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Birch tar is added to tar soap — fine natural means which depending on application has medical effect on a human body. What, you learn from our article.


As speak in the people, birch tar is 100 diseases medicine. It is received by means of dry distillation birch bark and roots. It represents dark dense liquid with an unpleasant pungent prigorely smell. The natural product contains a set of valuable substances therefore it was adopted by druggists at addition in medicines (for example, in Vishnevsky's ointment), the producers of cosmetics adding it to cosmetics for skin and hair including in soap. The soap products contain from 8 to 10% of tar. And, respectively, medicinal properties of tar are available also in a product for washing.

If more in details to look narrowly at composition of tar soap, then it will turn out that it consists of components which enter usual soap products (palmat sodium, tallovat sodium, kokoat sodium, water, trietanolamine, polyethyleneglycol-400, EDTA dinatrium, citric acid, cellulose weight, preservative benzoic acid, chloride sodium), and active agents — glycerin and tar.

On a look and a smell the tar soap products are quite unattractive. However many people are ready to tolerate unpleasant features of a product for the sake of its useful effects. Besides, this miracle cure for a set of diseases can be bought at quite low price.

Soap is produced in a firm and liquid look (with addition of vegetable oils). Intended for the person, a body, hair, intimate zones. Is on sale in network of drugstores, in household shops and shops of cosmetics. The period of storage makes 24 months.

Whether you know? Soap was able to be made since ancient times. Archeologists found the description of technology of its production on the plates from clay relating to 2200 BC.


For a long time it is known of such properties of tar:

  • antiseptic;
  • reducing;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • calming;
  • drying;
  • antiparasitic.

Thus, use of soap with such active component in structure improves blood supply in integuments, promotes faster healing of inflammations, wounds, the cracks freezed and the burned sites.

For tar soap products not a problem to cope with a hair loss, to save the person from dandruff, an acne on a face, furuncles, to reduce manifestations of psoriasis.


Tar soap found broad application for treatment of some diseases and elimination of a set of problems. It is used for washing of hair at loss and seborrhea, for washing of skin at acne rash and other problems, for a podmyvaniye at vagina candidiasis.

For hair

Most often the tar products are used for treatment of problems with hair and giving of healthy and beautiful view to them. On the Internet the set of stories about sincere surprise of hairdressers who observed enormous changes in a condition of hair of their clients after those began to apply tar soap to washing goes.

Besides, possessing antiseptic action, this product is capable to save from a fungal disease of head skin — seborrhea, eliminating a fungus which is its reason. By means of it people cope with dryness of integuments, peeling, an itch. And even from louses it helps.

Very favorably such vitamins as influence hair: And, E, N and also oil of almonds, lemon, cocoa, coco, sea-buckthorn, corn, castor and hempseed oil

Stimulating blood circulation, soap with tar in structure influences increase in volume of a head of hear, its silkiness, smoothness. Hair go to growth more actively.

Unfortunately, use of tar soap on hair is accompanied by some inconvenience — the smell of tar passes to them. However after a while it nevertheless disappears. Help to get rid of it addition in water of lemon essential oil, rinsing in the acidified water, balm use.

By the way, tar is a part of shampoos therefore at treatment of integuments of the head it is better to use special hair preparation. Also with tar it is possible to do masks, to use tar water for rinsing.

Important! At use of the tar washing products it is undesirable to use hot water. It will lead to the fact that hair will become grease. Also it is not necessary to wash hair with it constantly as it has the strong drying action. It is necessary to take a break. If treatment is carried out, then tar products need to be applied not longer than month.

There are several councils for the correct use of soap:

  1. To make foam foam in hands. It is important that soap did not adjoin to hair.
  2. To apply to head skin.
  3. To massage easy movements.
  4. To leave for 5-10 minutes.
  5. To wash away warm water.
  6. To rinse hair with water with addition of juice of a lemon or vinegar (two tablespoons on water liter) and balm.

If after the first use of tar products the effect was not pleasant to you, do not despair, it is normal. At first it, really, leads to the fact that hair become more rigid, more dim, fatter. However after a while their state changes on the best.

Except washing, it is also possible to do of tar soap a mask for hair. For this purpose it is required to grate soap shaving (one tablespoon), to add a pack of colourless henna and one and a half glasses of water. The mask is applied to head skin for 10 minutes, and then washed away warm water.

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Also great option is the mask with soap shaving and vegetable oils. Shavings two tablespoons are required. We add to it on a teaspoon of castor and sea-buckthorn oil, one egg and two-three drops of essential oil of citruses. The mask should be taken on skin of 15 minutes.

For skin

The most known medical effect of tar soap is dehumidification of an acne. Many people were helped by this ancient and nedory means with disposal of a problem of pimples on the face. They can both treat this problem, and to apply to prevention. Therefore quite often with the anticipatory purpose the tar products are advised to use for washing to teenagers.

Also soap means helps at obstruction of sebaceous glands on a face.

Important! Means with tar in structure can cause allergic reactions. Therefore before beginning to apply them, it is necessary to check the organism for an allergy to these products — to apply a small amount on an elbow bend. If after a quarter of hour no reaction in this place appeared, so means can be used according to purpose.

The restoring and regenerating effect of soap is shown when washing a body with wounds, grazes. They, really, begin to live after that quicker. It is adopted by those people who suffer from dryness and cracks on heels.

One more plus of application of a soap product with tar — quick help at dermatitis, herpes, eczema.

At more serious problems, such as psoriasis, this means can be applied only as additional therapy.

As well as in a case with hair, soap leaves unpleasant specific aroma on skin. However it also soon disappears. And that the smell did not give an inconvenience in the bathroom, soap needs to be held in the closed box, a soap tray.

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To reach effect of tar soap, it is necessary to apply it correctly:

  1. To make foam wet hands.
  2. To put foam with circular motions on a face.
  3. The face needs to be washed warm water. It is necessary to rinse it with water much more cool.
  4. To wash within two-three weeks.
  5. It is necessary to influence tar soap oily skin not more often than two times a day, on dry — three-four times a month, on combined — three times a week.

Except washing, it is possible to put a mask from tar foam on a face. Duration of the procedure has to be 15-20 minutes. Rinsing should be made cool water. After the procedure to feed skin with cream. The mask should not be applied more often than one-two times a week. Otherwise perhaps peresushivany skin.

Also as face packs use fennel, oil of orange, avocado, wheat, a dogrose, grape seeds, ginger, mint

At intimate hygiene

Modern women often use for a podmyvaniye special gels for intimate zones. However the few it is aware that tar soap is also suitable for hygiene of female genitals. Except antibacterial effect, it is capable to save the woman from such importunate and unpleasant disease as the milkwoman or candidiasis. Antibacterial action in combination with antifungal yield positive result in disposal from is more white, an itch, a smell.

However it is important to understand that to be treated by only one soap it will not turn out, it should be used only as preventive and additional therapeutic tool. For prevention the means is used once a week. In the presence of a problem are washed away in the morning and in the evening.

From what helps

Except the described problems, there are some more states at which it is possible to use tar soap:

  1. Frostbites and burns. Means promotes their fastest healing and regeneration of skin.
  2. Solution of tar soap process sites on which process of necrosis of fabrics begins or there is a risk of development of this process.
  3. Hyper hydrosis. At the increased sweating by tar means advise to wash those sites which strongly sweat. It has to help to adjust work of sweat glands.
  4. Fungus of feet. With the preventive purpose soap recommend to wash legs after visit of pools, saunas, other crowded places where go barefoot to avoid infection of feet with a fungal disease.
  5. Inflammations after stings of insects. Means is used for removal of an itch at stings of insects — to smear with foam the bitten place enough.
  6. Pediculosis. To apply soapsuds on head skin and hair, to leave for an hour. Then to wash away warm water. Means is capable to save not only from live parasites, but also to kill nits.

How to prepare independently

Tar soap it is possible to make also with own hands. For this purpose two tablespoons of tar of a birch (is on sale in drugstores) and bar of laundry or children's toilet soap from natural components will be necessary. At preparation the following objects will be required:

  • grater with large cells;
  • soap molds;
  • two containers which can be put on the oven;
  • colander;
  • tablespoon.

Step-by-step process of production looks as follows:

  • We grate soap in small capacity.
  • We gather water in a pan and we put it on the oven.
  • We include the minimum fire that water did not manage to begin to boil.
  • On a pan we place a colander in which we put the container with soap for heating on a water bath.
  • Massú is stirred constantly slowly.
  • After achievement of a sticky state we add tar to soap and we mix components.
  • After achievement of uniformity of color we remove mix from fire.
  • We cool up to the temperature of 50-60 degrees.
  • We spill in forms and we allow to stiffen.

Period of storage of the soap product prepared with own hand — two years.

Whether you know? The student from America Samir Lakhani thought up to produce soap from the remnants of a cake of soap of expensive products remaining in large hotels. The staff of the company organized by it collect remnants of a cake of soap in 170 hotels. As a result initially expensive detergent became available to the poor population.

We want to note that house means foams slightly worse, than store, however dries skin less.


Persons who need to use tar soap only after obligatory consultation with the health worker:

  • are inclined to allergic reactions;
  • suffer from dryness of skin;
  • have supersensitive integuments;
  • have problems with kidneys;
  • have a chronic disease in a sharp form.

In conclusion we want to note that many women prefer to use for appearance a hair and skin expensive cosmetics. However not always in a pursuit of desirable effect it is necessary to spend big money. It is possible to pay attention to a natural product which costs real kopeks — tar soap. Its already not one generation is used for disposal of a set of skin and other problems and giving healthy and to the person of a young type and hair.

Soap can be bought in shop or drugstore, and it is possible to prepare independently in house conditions. At application of means it is necessary to pay attention that it is capable to cause an allergy and to dry skin therefore its long use is undesirable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team