Influence of B2 vitamin on human health

Influence of B2 vitamin on human health

It appears, under the name vitamin B, used only in singular, actually the whole vitamin group as a part of eight equal members is concealed: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and V12. The folic acid which was earlier called as B11 vitamin also is a part of B9 vitamin, by the way. In this solid group the important place belongs to B2 vitamin called also Riboflavinum.

Description and general characteristic

In the nature it represents a yellow vegetable pigment, and, therefore, is capable to be made only by plants and microorganisms. At animals it gets into an organism through a small intestine and therefore can be present at animal products, in particular, in milk and dairy products. Through the digestive system Riboflavinum and the person acquires.

This element is also connected by vodorastvory with some proteins (enzymes). It is rather resistant to heating, but is very sensitive to light.

Important! The products containing B2 vitamin have to be protected from light.

The main functions and advantage for an organism

Riboflavinum is necessary for various metabolic processes. Without it the organism cannot turn proteins, fats and carbohydrates into energy. That is it performs the major function in activity of the person. It not for nothing still is called growth vitamin. Besides, Riboflavinum stimulates activity of B6 vitamin and a niatsin in production of specific proteins in an eye crystalline lens. Researches show that intake of Riboflavinum is capable to reduce risk of a cataract.

Also its ability to facilitate or even to prevent migraine is recorded. Researches show that reception about 400 mg a day can promote prevention of attacks of headache.

Pay attention that at treatment of migraine is also used by guelder-rose, wormwood, thyme decoctions, a celery

Vitamin sources

As we already spoke, Riboflavinum is produced only by plants and microorganisms. However it is capable to collect in an organism of animals and through food of animal origin to come to a human body. Its rather large number is present at yeast, however people obviously cannot consume them in the corresponding quantities to saturate the organism with Riboflavinum.

Whether you know? Thanks to the yellow color Riboflavinum is used not only for the direct designated purpose as vitamin, but also as E101 dye.


The need of an organism for this element can become covered by means of cabbage in which it most of all from vegetables and also broccoli, grain, nuts, mushrooms, Pancake week seeds or peas.

However, unfortunately, the organism not so successfully acquires vitamins from food of plant origin, in comparison with animal products.


Dairy products, liver, meat, fish and also eggs are among the most active suppliers of Riboflavinum.

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Daily requirement and norm

As the organism is capable to create Riboflavinum reserves only for two-four weeks, regular inflow of this element is necessary for it. His requirement is caused by a sex, age, weight and also activity of metabolic processes. Experts recommend from 1.0 to 1.4 mg a day for adults aged from 19 years.

Teenagers between 13 and 15 years demand the increased receipt of this element in an organism. The same concerns also women, since fourth month of pregnancy.

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The need for Riboflavinum increases and at a stress and also at sports activities. Chronic abuse of alcohol also results in the increased need for this element as alcohol worsens its comprehensibility.


Newborns aged from 0 up to 4 months need daily 0.3 mg of Riboflavinum. From 4 to 12 months this requirement increase to 0.4 mg.

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Children from 1 to 4 years need 0.7 mg a day, from 4 to 7 years — 0.8 mg. At children from 7 to 10 years the daily requirement begins to differ depending on a floor:

  • boys from 7 to 10 years need 1 mg, and to girls — 0.9 mg;
  • boys from 10 to 13 years need 1.1 mg, and to girls — 1 mg;
  • boys from 13 to 15 years need 1.4 mg, and to girls — 1.1 mg;
  • boys from 15 to 19 years need 1.6 mg, and to girls — 1.2 mg.

Whether you know? For the first time Riboflavinum was found in 1920 in milk because of what it is called still laktoflaviny.


Men from 19 to 51 years a day need 1.4 mg, and to women — 1.3 mg. Since 51 is also more senior at men the daily requirement decreases to 1.3 mg, and at women — to 1 mg.

Pregnant and feeding

It is necessary for women in the second trimester of pregnancy a day 1.3 mg. In the third trimester, that is in the last three months, requirement increases up to 1.4 mg. As much it is necessary also for nursing mothers.

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Shortcoming and surplus

This vitamin does not belong to those elements which demand extra care at application. Undesirable consequences can be observed at its lack of an organism.


In industrialized countries because of a wide choice of food the deficiency of B2 vitamin meets seldom. Symptoms of hypovitaminosis can be shown in the form of cracks in corners of a mouth, inflammation of a mucous membrane of an oral cavity or other similar inflammatory processes. Often the lack of this element is expressed in feeling of fatigue. There are neuralgic violations up to anemia. There are also visual impairments and headaches.


The overdose by Riboflavinum is almost impossible as the organism successfully gets rid of its surplus. Still any harmful effects of a gipervitaminoz by means of this element are not found.

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Interaction with other substances

As Riboflavinum belongs in the extensive group united by the general name vitamin B, it, naturally, interacts with the fellows. Its useful activity in cooperation with B6 vitamin and niatsiny, that is B3 vitamin or nicotinic acid is especially noticeable when forming a healthy crystalline lens of an eye.

And Riboflavinum negatively influences the drugs which are applied at asthma, a depression, intestinal spasms and also antidepressants which, in turn, worsen its comprehensibility and lower level in an organism.

Important! B2 vitamin is an antagonist of some antibiotics, for example, of tetracycline, worsening efficiency of its action.

Dosage forms of Riboflavinum

This element is synthesized commercially and is issued in the form of tablets and solution for injections.

Possible harm and contraindications

As Riboflavinum is necessary for functioning practically of all bodies of a human body, and the organism is able to get rid of its surplus in time, B2 vitamin is almost not capable to do harm to the person. He is capable to influence, however, negatively some medicines as, for example, antibiotics what it was already mentioned, but it cannot harm the organism owing to the scanty toxicity.

Rare exceptions are made by patients nefrolitiazy and the people having individual intolerance of B2 vitamin.

So, Riboflavinum represents almost irreplaceable element without which the human body is simply not capable to develop and function normally. And at the same time it treats those rare remedies of which overdose it is not necessary to be afraid. As well as shortages it at good nutrition.

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