L-arginine amino acid: instruction for use of biological additive

L-arginine amino acid: instruction for use of biological additive

Arginine — replaceable amino acid which helps an organism to be purified from slags of pollution and supports a body in a tone. This component develops our body itself, but it sometimes is not enough. For this reason additives with this component are chosen to themselves by bodybuilders. But arginine can be useful not only for athletes. Let's learn for whom also why it can be necessary.

Useful properties

Arginine is accepted in order that:

  • to bring toxins and slags out of an organism;
  • to enrich digestive system with nitrogen;
  • to improve work of a cardiovascular system;
  • to help production of hormones, including happiness hormone (serotonin);
  • to improve work of a liver;
  • to normalize sugar level.

Our organism is capable to do all this and itself, producing arginine. But there are cases when this process is impossible — for example, during diseases.

Important! There is a set of factors which influence production of this amino acid — age, sex, the weight, existence of addictions, diets, genetic features. Therefore often advise elderly people to use arginine in addition.

For men

This amino acid is important for a male body as it influences sexual life. So, the normal amount of arginine in an organism strengthens sexual desire — with its help vessels and inflow of blood to genitals extend increases. Also it serves as protection to an urinogenital system from inflammations and different diseases. In addition the fertility depends on this substance, namely — quality and mobility of spermatozoa. Also it increases working capacity and endurance.

For women

Improvement of sexual activity of women depends on arginine level in an organism too. It influences and on beauty — skin, nails, hair under the influence of amino acid become better. Attribute to arginine the rejuvenating effect — effect of hormone of growth amplifies that slows down aging. At the same time skin becomes much more elastic.

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For children

The lack of this amino acid can lead to a stop or deterioration in growth of the child. However it is necessary to use additional substances only in case there are indications and doctor's advice — differently glut amino acid in the active period of growth will lead to giantism.

Most often it is appointed to teenagers when those have hormonal failures which can negatively be displayed on health.

Whether you know? Formation of 5 thousand proteins in a human body requires 22 amino acids.

In bodybuilding

In this sphere such additive is used more often and most of all, and all because it helps bodybuilders to build up muscle bulk while fat will decrease. Also substance helps to restore forces after the heavy trainings, and in case of injuries accelerates their healing. However still there are no facts which confirm all positive properties of this substance. Also there is an occasion to believe that it there is no sense to accept without additional strong donators of nitrogen.

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For hair

Arginine allows to recover hair from within — especially useful additive will be at a severe hair loss. As amino acid expands vessels, inflow of blood to head skin considerably improves, thereby accelerating growth of hair.

Amino acid is a part of many professional tools for hair care as it reduces action of negative factors by indumentum. It will be able to protect hair from continuous influence of paint and the increased temperature (the curling iron, the hair dryer, in the countries with hot climate).

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Abuse of arginine can lead to consequences, negative for an organism. It concerns only those cases when substance is accepted intentionally in the form of medicine and without medical prescription. No harm happens if amino acid itself is produced in an organism thanks to consumption of the correct food.

People who underwent heart surgery or are simply inclined to diseases of this body, have to refuse additional intake of medicine. Also there are researches which speak about harm of substance for asthmatics. Sudden development of atherosclerosis can also become the reason of intake of additive in large quantities.

Important! It is impossible to accept arginine with coagulants at all (there can be bleedings).

People with hemophilia and diabetes without the knowledge of the doctor should not use substance.

Contraindications and side effects

At long and misuse of arginine such side effects can be shown:

  • deformation of joints and cartilages;
  • consolidation of fabrics;
  • appearance of belly-aches, diarrhea (digestion violation often meets);
  • weakness, nausea;
  • lowering of arterial pressure.

Also it should be taken into account that not everyone can accept this additive — it is worth refusing arginine in such cases:

  • when there are nervous breakdowns (even frivolous);
  • during pregnancy and feeding by a breast;
  • to children during active growth;
  • at individual intolerance of medicine.

Therefore it is necessary to accept substance only after a medical prescription and following a certain dosage.

As well as arginine to amino acids is carried by a leucine, phenylalanine, valine, an isoleucine, a lysine, methionine, threonine, tryptophane.

Indications and symptoms to application

To accept arginine advise those who are engaged in heavy physical activities. Also there are following indications:

  • cirrhosis and fat regeneration of a liver;
  • diseases of kidneys;
  • arthritises, arthroses;
  • infertility;
  • good-quality and malignancies;
  • depression.

Also after survey and the recommendations of the doctor it is possible to accept arginine at feeling of weakness, constant fatigue and irritability, at decrease in sexual desire.

Instruction for application, ration

The ration depends on a dosage of amount of arginine in each capsule of medicine. Most often tablets from 500 mg and 1000 mg of amino acid meet. There are also powders and liquid suspensions.

Important! It is impossible to exceed norm of arginine in day (3 g) — the overdose will result in side effects.

There are enough a day three tablets on 500 mg. And here for bodybuilders the dose is increased up to 9 g a day. However beginners have to begin with the minimum doses and gradually increase them.

At athletes such calculations — 115 mg on 1 kg of weight are accepted. Accept in 40 minutes prior to food or prior to a training. But it is possible also during sports activities, and later, only the effect will be a little worse.

The products containing arginine

If we speak not about athletes, then it is better to fill amino acid in the natural way — by means of healthy nutrition.

Most of all arginine in pumpkin sunflower seeds (5.3 g of substance in 100 g of a product), peanut, sesame, almonds, walnuts, peas, rice, a tuna are also most useful.

Important at least in one step food to eat beef or pork and also sea and river fish.

Biological L-arginine additive

Most often arginine is accepted in the form of separate additive with the L prefix in the name. It helps with the correct doses to work of heart, improves vessels, reduces cholesterol, promotes weight loss. On each packing of medicine there is an instruction for application with an amino acid dosage. The course of intake of nutritional supplement helps:

  • to increase the level of somatotropny hormone (growth) in an organism;
  • to improve mood, to increase working capacity;
  • to help teenagers who have problems with growth;
  • to heal wounds, stretchings or fractures;
  • to help kidneys to clean an organism;
  • to normalize terms of sexual ripening of children;
  • to improve potency.

Whether you know? In 2000 the bodybuilding was wanted to be made the Olympic sport, only it did not happen, and disputes over this occasion are conducted still.

So, we found out that only support of natural norm of arginine in an organism at the expense of healthy nutrition will help to avoid intake of additional medicines. However, if the need for increase in amount of this amino acid after all arose, special nutritional supplements will help to normalize processes of metabolism and to improve health.

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