Pepper tincture"

Pepper tincture"

often notice that over time, even at young age because of a variety of reasons hair begin to drop out. Usually it is noticeable when combing, a head pochesyvaniye, detection of the dropped-out hair on a pillow at morning awakening or when washing the head. But the most unpleasant sign is when people around the first begin to note reduction of hair on your head. At once it is possible to note that the genetic predisposition has very great influence, that is your grandfather, the father or the uncle had symptoms of baldness. However, a number of researches showed that even it can be corrected by absolutely various national methods.

One of the most effective methods – use of pepper tincture which can be bought in any drugstore. However, there is huge minus of such medicine – at the plant not absolutely correct combination is used and control will be very weak. We recommend to create medicine own hands. And so that it is necessary for us? Only anything:

0.25 or 0.5 liters of 96% of alcohol, 70% of alcohol or vodka (personally I prefer to use 96% alcohol as tincture will turn out nasyshchenny and alcohol are a little more active)

Several pieces of siliculose pepper (green or red, all the same, the main thing that it was really insufferably bitter)

And so, we take any container, it is possible also a bottle and we fill them with siliculose pepper, previously having made longitudinal sections that there liquid contents arrived, and we close for two weeks. Instead of cuts it is possible just to remove a head and a little tail. The main thing needs to be fixed a container cover so that alcohol could not disappear in any way, for this purpose we choose dense covers, and it is possible and to seal with sealing wax, wax or other similar means.

And so, there passed two weeks and control is ready! We take a cotton or gauze tampon, we moisten with control and we begin to rub slowly to those places where are most noticeable a hair loss. We rub several times, and small reddening surely will appear then we stop the procedure. It is better to carry out control application 2-3 times a week within 1-2 months, and then to take a break. After the procedure it is impossible to wash the head at all, and it is better to do it before going to bed.

Also be not afraid of unclear burning, it is only sign that the procedure is performed correctly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team