Recovering from injuries and stretchings"

Recovering from injuries and stretchings"

recovering from injuries and extensions has to begin with diagnostics. Ideally you have to make X-ray or MRT in which it will be clear according to the conclusion of the doctor that happened to a joint: or it is an extension, either an anguish, or problems already directly with the sustavo-copular device.

Strengthening of the sustavo-copular device is divided into 2 parts:

  1. dynamics,
  2. statics.

In treatment they have to go indissolubly, together.

Exercises in dynamics are carried out with very small weight, in the short amplitude of movements, many repetitions. On accustoming to the weight or absence of pain, it is possible to add or weight, or to increase the number of repetitions in approach.

When strengthening knittings and joints forget about big scales and sharp movements. All exercises have to be carried out slowly, that is short movements in incomplete amplitude.

Thus, in recovery time after injuries in the hall, you receive: endurance and force, you receive good prerequisites for the further growth of muscles and, of course, you strengthen joints and muscles.

Exercises in a statics are carried out in the defined, fixed and motionless situation. For example: you develop muscles of a humeral belt. Easy dumbbells will be necessary for you and it is necessary to rotate them with circular motions, without raising hands above plechy, and without lowering belts are lower. That is, hands and shoulders constantly are in static state, in tension, as promotes gradual accustoming to weight and strengthens them.

This period of restoration of the sustavo-copular device has to last at least 2 months. For this period it is not recommended:

  • - power loads of this group of muscles,
  • - sharp movements.

It is recommended to take the drugs for recovery of ligaments, cartilages, joints, such as: glycosamine and gelatin. Also, if the trauma serious, is inflammation or a pain syndrome, in parallel it is possible to apply anti-inflammatory and anesthetics, but all this on doctor's orders as each of them has side effects. It is recommended to perform massage, physical therapy (warming up) and to stretch muscles. The your sheaves and joints are more elastic, the less they are subjected to injuries. The rigid and inelastic muscle will much quicker tear therefore surely we do an extension or every time after the training, or we allocate day where we study all groups of muscles and a body.

The better you recover sheaves now, the your further result will be the best.

God bless you be also not injured. And sports to you longevity!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team