Scoliosis at children: exercises LFK and remedial gymnastics"

Scoliosis at children: exercises LFK and remedial gymnastics"

Physiotherapy exercises — an integral part of prevention and treatment of scoliosis at patients of any age.

Let's consider the main characteristics of a disease at children and also examples of exercises for its different types.

Scoliosis is a side pathological curvature of a backbone which is congenital, acquired or appeared after a trauma. Development of the acquired type often begins from 4–6 years.

  • With-shaped, has 1 arch of a curvature;
  • S-shaped, has 2 arches;
  • Z-shaped, has 3 arches.

Presence of scoliosis at the child should be noticed.

  • one of shoulders is raised, another is lowered;
  • one shovel acts stronger another or the corner of one of them acts;
  • in a standing position one of hips is higher than another;
  • the inclination forward distinctly shows curvature of a backbone.
  • The 1st degree — a scoliosis corner from 1 ° to 10 °;
  • The 2nd degree — a corner from 11 ° to 25 °;
  • The 3rd degree — a corner from 26 ° to 50 °;
  • The 4th degree — a corner more than 50 °.

Whether you know? The exact corner of a curvature is measured according to the x-ray of a backbone in all growth. This method of the analysis is created by the American orthopedic surgeon J. Kobb, respectively, the result of a research is called "a corner according to Kobb".

  • sharp jump of growth of skeletal bones (10–12 years);
  • considerable load only of one side of a body (a bag on a shoulder);
  • inactive way of life (long sitting behind a school desk).

One of ways of treatment of the children's acquired scoliosis — remedial gymnastics (LFK). It includes not only motive occupations, but also breathing exercises.

  • to restore the correct work of back muscles;
  • to remove excessive stress in concrete places and to improve a bearing;
  • depending on the diagnosis, the gymnastics can slow down or stop scoliosis.

Important! Occupations will also help to normalize breath and blood circulation that will positively affect also all physical health of the child.

  • heart troubles, vessels and respiratory system;
  • high temperature of a body;
  • sharp increase in pressure;
  • strong pain.

Purpose of LFK needs to be discussed in detail with the attending physician that the carried-out exercises were effective for your child.

Important! LFK is most effective at an initial stage of a curvature and only in case of functional changes of a spine column. The gymnastics will not help at deformation of cartilaginous or bone tissues.

When performing any exercises it is necessary to air the room and also to provide the comfortable temperature (+17...+20 °C). The clothes for occupations have to be free and "breathing", and footwear convenient. In 1.5-2 hours prior to exercises it is necessary to eat densely. Surely put to the child a bottle with drinking water.

Exercises at scoliosis of the 1st degree practically do not include asymmetric provisions and are all-developing.

  • fast run and jumps;
  • turns for an extension of a backbone and increase in flexibility:
  • exercises on an extension and twisting without firm support (the horizontal bar is forbidden!);
  • rise in big weight in one hand, sharp breakthroughs.

The LFK complex consists of 3 parts.

At scoliosis also recommend to practice the Himalaya yoga.


  1. Standing a back to an equal wall, the child rests against it heels, calves and buttocks, straightens a back and takes one-two steps forward, keeping a bearing.
  2. Having extended hands forward, the child slowly squats with a direct back (squat on a breath, rise on an exhalation).
  3. Having straightened a back and having lowered hands, the child rotates shoulders forward and back (4 times).

Mainframe. It has to include the exercises which are specially picked up by the doctor. For the 1st degree of scoliosis a set of exercises in house conditions is possible. Among them can be:

  1. Smooth moves hands up and in the parties (up to 20 times).
  2. Rise and lowering of two hands at the same time (up to 10 times).
  3. The weakened potryakhivaniye of both hands (10 times).
  4. Data of shovels at the hands bent in elbows and walking within 30 seconds (the chin is raised up, elbows before a breast).
  5. Deflections of a back being on all fours ("kitty").

The finishing part of occupations.

  1. Walking on heels, having linked hands behind the back in the lock.
  2. Walking on socks with the raised hands.
  3. Walking on the place with high raising of a hip.

After performance of all parts of a complex the child has to have a rest (20–25 minutes).

Except symmetric, for this degree use asymmetric movements. They can be very effective, but have to be selected the expert individually. Also physiotherapists appoint detorsionny exercises.

Their performance demands extreme care. Correction happens turns aside, opposite to a torsiya (the twisted vertebra):

  • for right-hand scoliosis of twisting carry out clockwise;
  • for left-side — counterclockwise.
  1. Lying on a back, hands part in the parties.
  2. The right hand covers left and there is a turn of the head and breast to the left.
  1. Lying on a stomach, raise the right leg up and bring over the left leg.
  2. At this moment the waist is twisted clockwise.

Also it will be useful for you to get acquainted with a set of exercises on an extension for children.

At this stage of a disease of occupation of remedial gymnastics are not treatment. The purpose of the carried-out exercises — prevention, a stop of the progressing changes. The LFK complex is appointed only by the doctor. At the beginning of the occupation have to be carried out in the special hall in the presence of the trainer.

Curvatures are located in different departments of a backbone. Physiotherapists developed the exercises directed to concrete problem places.

Exercises in addition strengthen muscles of a basin and a press. Such complex includes a ducking and trunks, rotations by legs in a prone position ("bicycle"), pullings up of knees.

  1. Having placed on the roller a trunk (from the head to buttocks), bend legs at shoulder length. Part hands on the parties and stand for 1 min.
  2. Having bent knees on 90 ° again do not move 1 min.
  3. Translate hands up and again stand for 1 min.

The crossed moves legs in a prone position ("scissors"), data of shovels in a standing position — the most universal exercises for this department.

  1. Side level with the emphasis on an elbow which has to stand precisely under a shoulder joint. Since 30–40 sec. time gradually increases up to 3 min.
  2. Standing opposite to a mirror, lift and turn inside a shoulder from concavity of a backbone. After fixing for 2–3 seconds take away a shoulder in a starting position. Make several repetitions (5–8).

Exercises are intended to return to joints mobility and to remove spasms of muscles. 2–3 times a day at slow speed are recommended to hold occupations.

  1. Slow rotations and ducking, movements and rotations by shoulders.
  2. Raising of the head and flexure of a neck lying on a stomach.
  3. Data of elbows on a breath in a prone position on a back (a palm in the lock under a nape).
  1. Raise the left leg and the right hand lying on a back and fix situation for 10–20 seconds then change a hand and a leg.
  2. In the same situation raise hands and legs at the same time, fixing them for 5–10 seconds.
  3. Push-ups at slow speed carry out with a bend of knees to reduce loading.

Whether you know? According to World Health Organization the violation of a bearing meets at school students in 85% of cases.

Prevention will help to avoid emergence of curvatures. For this purpose rather regularly to carry out any main complex of physiotherapy exercises, including exercises for a back. It is necessary to consider also the following factors:

  • the child's bearing behind a desktop;
  • the furniture which is picked up for age (ergonomic);
  • correct illumination of a workplace;
  • orthopedic school backpack which needs to be backed;
  • walks in the fresh air.

If scoliosis is diagnosed for your child, do not neglect the recommendations of the doctor of performance of the LFK complex. The exercises which in time are picked up for the solution of a specific problem are capable to improve significantly a condition of a backbone or to stop development of a disease.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team