5 ideas of decor for your bedroom

5 ideas of decor for your bedroom

By means of several decorative receptions you will be able independently to create beautiful and cozy decor in the bedroom.

It is required to you

  • Cover for bed back, couch, canopy, the lamp shade, pickup for curtains.


1. In bedroom interior one of the main components is the bed. Choosing style of bed, you thereby set subject of design of all room. We decorate bed back. For back of bed we select dense upholstery fabrics. From them we sew soft removable covers lined on bed back. Make winter and summer options of covers.

2. Put soft couch or canape (graceful sofa) to the bedroom. At the small sizes of the room - padded stool or banquette. Such elements of furniture will organically look both in classical interior of the bedroom, and in modern.

3. Canopy over bed. It is not obligatory to construct difficult design, it is enough to use eaves for curtains. They can be direct or semicircular, forged, wooden, with fastenings to ceiling or wall. Select fabrics natural - linen, silk or cotton.

4. Use illumination of different height. Desk, floor lamps, floor lamps, sconce with multi-colored or monophonic plafonds. Update the old lamp – make for it the lamp shade. It is possible to use already existing framework, having fitted it fabric anew.

5. The pickups for curtains made with own hands will be fine addition to the general style of the bedroom. As material take decorative flowers, brushes and lace. To the children's bedroom, small soft toys, balls and color daisies perfectly will approach.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team