All about begonia how to put

All about begonia how to put

Begonias – quite simple in cultivation, but very beautiful flowers. If you look for, than to decorate the garden site, they will be the fine choice. Begonias can be grown up also as houseplants.

Plant grade

First of all you need to decide what begonias you will plant. There are both long-term, and one-year species of this plant. There is also set of shades of their flowers, for example, white, red, yellow, violet, pink, etc. Begonias can be grown up either from tubers, or from seeds. The second option is more labor-consuming, it is much easier to grow up begonias from tubers.

Define the place of disembarkation

Begonias can be grown up both in the open air, and indoors. These flowers do not love direct sunshine therefore choose by it the place in which there is only scattered sunlight. On the garden site the shaded parties of larger plants for this purpose will be ideal. If you put their houses, do not put on windowsill if it is strongly lit with the sun.

Soil preparation

For planting of begonia you need to prepare special soil. Mix 2/3 parts of peat and 1/3 part of the earth. They can be got in gardening shops. Such mix will provide necessary acidity and drainage. In case begonias land in the open air, increase peat share in this mix and add to it organic matters, for example, in the form of liquid fertilizers.


The begonia does not demand a lot of place. Dig for it hole depth in several centimeters. If you land tubers, the hole has to be rather deep that completely to cover them. If the begonia lands in pot, it has to have the small sizes, slightly big the sizes of tubers. You can also land them in one pot or on one bed with other plants. Plant tubers of begonia or its seeds separately from each other, in different poles. Fill up them with small layer of earth and water.


Begonias do not tolerate large amount of moisture. Do not water them too often, do it several times a week. You can watch that soil was damp, but do not allow formation of pools. If in your area often there are rains, consider the possibility to plant this plant on slope or land it in pot.


Do not allow skaplivaniye of large number of weeds if the begonia is planted in the open air. Add to soil liquid fertilizer approximately once a month. You can also use mix of compost and peat for entering into soil of additional nutrients. For prevention of the spread of weeds and hit of excess moisture cover soil with mulch layer. The plant can be also attacked by various wreckers, for example, mealy scale, snails, etc. For disposal of these insects strew the soil around flower with layer of egg shell. You can also spray with alcohol or soft insecticides.

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