Artificial stone for wall decoration - features, mounting, councils

Artificial stone for wall decoration - features, mounting, councils

Modern types of artificial stone perfectly are suitable for finishing of facades of buildings. Material often imitates surface of the raw natural stone or construction brick. Not without reason it is called sometimes thin-walled brick. By means of artificial stone you will be able to revet external walls of the house, column, arch and also any surfaces in the building. Such material on the basis of cement and sand mix with addition of the painting additives, fillers and softeners is made. In spite of the fact that the artificial stone is completely made industrially, on the structure it is eco-friendly as all components of which it is made have natural origin.

Some more names of artificial stone: front and socle facing, decorative front stone. 

This material began to be applied actively in construction and finishing several decades ago. In many spheres this material managed to force out natural stone completely. The artificial product is easier processed, has small weight, easily is established. Costs of facing works with application of artificial stone are many times cheaper in comparison with natural stone. There is very simple explanation: natural stone in itself the road, it demands very great efforts when mounting. Beautifully to lay natural stone, it needs to be processed, carefully to pick up pieces of the necessary form and the sizes (and also to choose the fragments suitable on color), to use mechanical fixing parts for fastening of each piece. Glue will not be able to hold big fragments of natural stone on vertical surface. Whether it is necessary to say that for work with such material the high quality experts taking big money for the work are necessary? 

Does not happen to artificial facing stone of similar problems. To stack tile from such material, it is not necessary to prepare carefully revetted surface as it has practically the same physics and technology parameters, as artificial stone. Besides, the decorative stone is very easily processed and cut, unlike natural analog. Also it should be noted that at collections of artificial decorative tile there are angular and rounded-off tiles and also special fragments for registration of door and window openings. It significantly simplifies process of facing of external walls of the building. 

Still it is possible to characterize artificial facing material as very easy product. The weight of such stone is nearly 50% lower, than at natural. Therefore, it is much more convenient to transport, unload and bring him to building site. Besides, at the expense of the small weight the artificial stone reliably keeps on vertical surfaces. Its mounting surface (back, opposite front) very rough thanks to what coupling of material with glue or water mortar increases. 

Almost all producers of artificial stone have in line of products such product as thin-walled brick for facing works. As at this product much smaller thickness in comparison with traditional brick, it perfectly is suitable for wall decoration in the building. This material is especially favorable when finishing of the room of the small area is necessary. The thin-walled brick practically does not reduce the net volume of the room. 

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One more advantage of thin-walled brick is expressed that it is issued in various options. Today the facing brick imitating ancient brick wall is popular. You can use such material for recovery of image of old houses or for imitation of old times in absolutely new building. 

Applying artificial stone to finishing of external walls of the house, you will be able cheap and qualitatively to give to the housing magnificent, noble view and to protect facade from various negative impacts.

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