As it is correct to collect rhubarb

As it is correct to collect rhubarb

Scape at wide leaf of rhubarb - the only edible part of this perennial plant. The leaf is poisonous. Harvesting of scapes takes place from spring to fall, rhubarb leaves continuously renew.

It is required to you

  • - knife
  • - watering can


1. Choose good moment for collecting rhubarb. You make the first harvesting of rhubarb for the second year of development of bush. It is necessary to give the chance to plant to develop rhizome and to release leaves of the good size for harvesting. Do not collect all scapes on young bush of rhubarb at once. Leave the most part from them to provide further development of rhubarb.

2. If the plant develops slowly, then move collecting for the end of the second season. Especially as from August 15 to September 15 the rhubarb contains less oxalic acid more sugar.

3. When scapes become 1.5-2.5 cm in the diameter, cut off them at the basis sharply ground knife, trying not to damage bush core. When the plant of rhubarb becomes powerful and well implanted, for 3-4 year of development, it is possible not to cut off leaves, and to break at the basis (to pull out). It is good to do it with extreme scapes.

4. Separate quickly knife leaves from scapes and you will throw out leaves in compost or cover with them the earth around the growing rhubarb. Oxalic acid from them will disappear in process of decomposition.

5. Do not forget to cut rhubarb peduncles when they appear to stimulate growth of leaves.

6. Leaves of rhubarb can be used for preparation of the infusion effective against plant louse, onions midge and against slugs. Peduncles can also be used in this infusion.

7. Carefully water rhubarb after harvesting. He very much loves water.

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