As it is correct to water blackcurrant

As it is correct to water blackcurrant

Though blackcurrant is rather unpretentious, but, nevertheless, demands for itself competent leaving. One of stages of which is the correct and timely watering of blackcurrant on personal plot.

Blackcurrant has a number of advantages before other species of this plant. It contains huge amount of vitamins and useful microelements. And also it is possible to make various preparations for the winter, including jam and compote of it. But at the same time blackcurrant is most exacting to moisture during growth and development of plants.

How and when to water blackcurrant

1.      The first stage of abundant watering of blackcurrant comes during formation of ovaries and intensive growth of bushes. In usual conditions it occurs at the end of May – the beginning of June. For once under each bush pour out 2-3 buckets of water. Each gardener establishes frequency rate of waterings independently depending on the soil and conditions of cultivation. On average blackcurrant is watered by each 3-4 days.

2.      The second stage of watering of blackcurrant comes at the time of filling berries. It occurs at the end of June – until the end of July. Water flow approximately same, as well as with intensive growth of bushes. Only at this moment the frequency rate of waterings needs to be increased twice.

3.      The third stage of watering of blackcurrant comes after harvesting in August and September. At this time plants need also large amount of moisture. Otherwise they slow down development, and floral kidneys for the next season are not stuffed up.

4.      The last stage of watering of blackcurrant comes before the winter in October. Especially it is effective in droughty fall. Such watering allows plants easier to transfer severe winter and saves them from podmerzaniye.

Correct watering of blackcurrant

For the correct watering around bushes of blackcurrant dig out superficial grooves at distance of 30 cm from the end of branches. In them then make directly watering of plants.

Every week on 2-3 times the soil under bushes of currant is loosened, without allowing formation of crust on earth surface. It allows oxygen to arrive better to the root system of plants and for longer time keeps moisture in the soil.

The correct watering of blackcurrant allows to increase significantly productivity of plants and reduces their susceptibility to influence from various wreckers and diseases.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team