As it is necessary to plant tomatoes to the greenhouse

As it is necessary to plant tomatoes to the greenhouse

At cultivation in the greenhouse harvest juicy and sweet tomatoes it is possible to increase minimum twice if to hold simple rules: to grow up strong and healthy seedling, to plant it in suitable terms and to periodically water and do fertilizing.


1. Pick up the grades and hybrids of tomatoes intended especially for cultivation in greenhouses. For this purpose indeterminantny tomatoes approach (i.e. grades with unlimited growth), they most fully use the volume of greenhouses and yield very big crop.

2. From early ripening hybrids of the tomatoes intended for cultivation in the closed soil it is possible to recommend "Hurricane F1", "Typhoon F1" and "F1 Toll". Tomatoes of rounded shape, are appreciated early and amicable harvest. Very tasty tomatoes of grades "Phrasemonger of F1", "Grandmother's gift of F1", "Funtik F1" and many, many others. Now are removed by selectors set of new grades and hybrids, and each of them is good on the.

3. It is necessary to seed seeds of tomatoes on seedling for the subsequent cultivation in greenhouses in the first decade of March. Some producers say that their seeds have undergone preseeding processing, but experienced gardeners advise nevertheless to process seeds before landing. It will allow to avoid many diseases subsequently. Make pink solution of potassium permanganate and lower in it seeds of tomatoes for 30 minutes. Then get them and dry.

4. Prepare soil for cultivation of seedling. Good substrate is one from composed excellent harvest. The soil for cultivation of tomatoes has to be easy, friable, well permeable for moisture and air. For preparation of 1 bucket of pochvosmesa take 1/3 buckets of humus, add 2 parts of peat and about 1/10 buckets of clean sand. Put 1 glass of ashes, 30 g of superphosphate, on 15 g of urea and sulfate potassium. Carefully mix all ingredients.

5. Fill with nutritious substrate containers for seedling and seed seeds. Shoots will appear for 4-5 day. After emergence of 2-3 real leaves seedling needs to be raspikirovat on separate pots. This reception is used for increase in the area of power supply and, respectively, the best development of root system of tomatoes.

6. Seedling is ready to disembarkation to greenhouses in 60-65 days after emergence of the first shoots. To land it to greenhouses it is possible to begin already in the tenth of May. But before it in 1-2 weeks prior to landing it is necessary to pave the way in the greenhouse.

7. Make beds 60-90 cm wide along design. On everyone add 1-2 buckets of humus, sawdust and a little coarse-grained clean sand. Scatter 2 tablespoons of superphosphate and 1 tablespoon of sulfate of potassium on bed surface. Dig over the earth and level rake. Leave soil to get warm.

8. In 1-2 weeks spill the prepared beds pink solution of potassium permanganate (1 g on water bucket). Make holes at distance of 60 cm from each other in chessboard order, humidify them and plant seedling of tomatoes.

9. Carefully take out saplings from glass. Tear off the lower leaves, arrange in holes and dig, leaving 3-4 leaves on the surface of the soil. Leave tomatoes in such look for 10-12 days. Then water and tie up to support.

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