As to make the room lighter

As to make the room lighter

The light room looks is much more spacious. If windows of the room come to sunny side, then the live, colourful interior turns out. But not all were lucky to live in the apartment which windows are located on sunny side how visually to make the room is lighter?

Beautifully issued window is good decision. But when light is not enough, it is better to give to window the chance to pass light. Owners of northern apartments should not use curtains and the more so blinds. For those who want to avoid such decision we suggest to replace heavy and dense curtains easy, transparent tyulyyu or the shining organza.

Also mirrors will help to make the room of lighter. They help to broaden close rooms. At the correct situation the mirror will spread light on all room and will fill shortage of light. Of course, it is more desirable that it was big mirror. In other cases we recommend to use furniture with the reflecting surface and glass elements of decor.

Bright and dark colors can turn into room problem. It is connected with the fact that dark colors narrow room space that at weak lighting will be repeatedly strongly. And even the classical combination "red plus black" will look in the darkened room gloomy.

For lighting of the room we recommend to choose pastel tone which will become addition for each other. As it will be impossible by the way shades pale blue, Champagne, light-mint, gentle-pink, coral, lavender or light-lemon.

More successful reception to make the room of brighter, than to make of the room white cube simply not to think up! Let's note that for rooms with good repair to do something with ceiling is irrational and not economic. If the room needs repair, then coloring of walls, floor and ceiling will become in white color quite logical step, but do not go too far - you do not want the room to remind sterile hospital.

If you have decided to paint the room in white color, then do not forget to use decor of motley and bright colors. For example, if walls white, then on windows hang up easy bright curtains, put perceptible sofa which will be allocated on light background.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team