As well as with what to spray pepper from wreckers

As well as with what to spray pepper from wreckers

To receive good harvest of paprika, it is necessary not just to water it, to feed up, but also to struggle with wreckers who can ruin plant.

Pepper - very thermophilic culture, however now grows up it already each gardener. Time of planting of seedling has already come long ago, and in some regions even there has taken place the first fertilizing. But it is worth remembering that besides good care for culture, also fight against wreckers who can appear on plant is necessary.

At pepper there are a lot of ""enemies"", and methods for fight against each of them different.

Fight against plant louse

Species of plant louse much she also looks differently. Being going to colonies the plant louse parasitizes almost on all garden plants. Not to allow its emergence near pepper, it is possible to plant garlic, parsley, mint, basil - such plants which will frighten off plant louse the aroma.

If the plant louse nevertheless has appeared, then it is the simplest to wash away her water from seedling. It is possible to prepare plain soap solution also. For this purpose to dissolve piece of laundry soap in bucket with water and to spray plants. Good way of fight against plant louse still will be camomile infusion: To dissolve 100 grams in 1 liter of water, to allow to infuse hours 6, and then to dilute 1:3 and to spray pepper seedling.

Fight against the wireworm

It is easy to recognize him: larva 1-4 centimeters in length with brown rigid body. To overcome the wireworm, it is enough to dig over the earth till fall and to clean wheat grass roots thoroughly. And before planting of seedling of pepper the soil can be processed potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate) of 5 grams on 10 liters of water. Also in holes it is possible to fill mustard powder or black ground pepper - they will frighten off the wireworm.

Fight against medvedka

Medvedka - the main enemy on kitchen garden. For her it is the best of all to arrange manure traps. To dig out pole in the fall, to fill manure. Individuals of medvedka will come there to sleep, and then to scatter manure on kitchen garden, and the sleeping individuals will freeze. Such traps can be arranged also in warm season, but at excavation it is simple to kill them. Good method of fight against medvedka are also chemical medicines which are on sale in shops.

Fight against the whitefly

The whitefly can be caught, having put near the landed pepper small plates with adhesive tape. Still plants can be sprinkled with garlic infusion.

Fight against slugs

Redigging will also be suitable for prevention and in order that slugs did not appear, as well as in case with plant louse, disembarkation of onions, garlic, basil and other odorous plants near pepper will approach.

Fight against web flare

If you have noticed emergence of small web around your pepper - it is web tick. It is the simplest to overcome it with solution of laundry soap: piece of soap on water bucket then to spray culture.

If you have small landings, then it is better to use folk remedies, so your fruits will be eco-friendly. For mass landings use of chemical medicines is recommended nevertheless.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team