Blueberry garden – landing and leaving on the seasonal dacha

Blueberry garden – landing and leaving on the seasonal dacha

Garden blueberry does not demand difficult leaving, and on productivity and the tastes does not concede to wild grades. Sour peat or sandy soils with pH 4-5 are suitable for its cultivation. The earth has to be moderately damp and well trained. To neutral soils can additional acidulation is required.

Location and preparation of the site

Blueberry is photophilous plant, however it can successfully fructify also at small shadowing. It is desirable that underground waters were located not higher than 30 cm from surface and not lower than 75-90 cm. To the heavy soil add bank sand, this culture also well develops on pure riding peat.

If it is difficult to pick up such site, the plant can be planted in concrete well, barrel or other vessel not less than 60 cm in depth and 0.8-1 m wide. In the bottom do several openings with a diameter about 5 cm then the vessel is buried to the soil to the brim and fill with mix of the garden earth and riding peat. Garden blueberry can be grown up in holes which edges and the bottom are covered by roofing material or polyethylene film. They are filled with the same nutritious earth mix.

Landing and leaving

Garden blueberry is made multiple copies vegetativno — green or lignified shanks. In the first case the rooting is carried out in the conditions of artificial fog, in the second — in soil at temperature +20-25os, regularly spraying it with water. The long drought or overwetting of the soil is undesirable to blueberry. Root system at it fibrillose therefore the earth is periodically loosened on small depth then pour peat, old sawdust or vegetable humus layer about 10 cm. If summer very hot, watering carry out abundant, using overhead irrigation method. When blueberry blossoms, it needs to be watered only at the roots. The copies which have reached age of 4-5 years should be cut off periodically. Every spring delete the dried-up, broken or sick branches which do not give gain and do not fructify. In the first years after landing of bush recommend to remove flowers that escapes grew quicker.


Garden blueberry 2 times during the season feed up, fertilizers bring carefully and only under adult bushes. The first fertilizing is carried out before blossoming, the second - during formation of fruits. For this purpose in 10 l of water part on 1 tablespoon of liquid humate of sodium and potassium and also the fertilizer containing microelements. Spend 10-15 l of solution for each plant. The productivity can be increased by means of periodic fertilizing by mineral complexes with nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfates of ammonium and potassium. The annual covering of the soil peat or sawdust also promotes its growth. The manure and medicines containing chlorine or lime are not suitable for blueberry.

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