Carrots: how to keep it fresh

Carrots: how to keep it fresh

Carrots — biannual plant of family umbrella, in the first year of life form the socket of leaves and root crop, in the second year of life — seed bush and seeds. Carrots sowing campaign — biannual plant with rough ligneous whitish or orange root are most known. Cultural carrots are subdivided into table and fodder. Fleshy root crop, truncated and conic, cylindrical or spindle-shaped, weight from 30 — 300 g and more. If you it is wrong to store carrots, then it in month will absolutely be spoiled and will decay.

It is required to you

  • - tank on 40 liters;
  • - damp sand;
  • - tarpaulin;
  • - knife;
  • - gloves.


1. To keep carrots, it needs to be grown up correctly. As soon as snow descends and the earth will a little dry out, make furrows and seed carrots, filling many seeds as it has very bad viability. Sprouts no more than 30% of seeds. After carrots ascend, let's it grow up a little that branches were more than 5 cm long. Now carry out thinning, leave on one sprout on each 8-10 cm. Than more largely carrots will grow, it will be better to be stored by that.

2. Dig out the turned-out large juicy root crops very accurately not to damage. As a rule, carrots are not pulled out, it tears off stalks. Thrust spade at distance of 15 cm from row of vegetables, slightly raise the earth, now pull out morkovina. Accurately pile them, but do not throw from far away, otherwise you will beat at it sides that will also lead to fast rotting. Dig out all your plantation.

3. Now begin to cut off stalks at carrots, here too there is certain secret. If to leave them long, more than 5 cm, then they will begin to decay, and together with them and root crop. Therefore cut off stalks at distance of 1 cm from root crop. Spread some old tarpaulin and spread out on it carrots to drying. During wet weather you dry it in the shed under roof. After it dries, put on gloves, clean root crops from the earth, put in buckets.

4. Prepare old tank in cellar, lower sand bucket there. Fill in sand tank layer 2-3 cm. Put carrots layer, fill up it with sand, put the following layer. So fill all tank. Only do not close it cover, carrots have to breathe. Now it will be stored at you till next summer.

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