Garden vacuum cleaner: whether it is worth buying?

Garden vacuum cleaner: whether it is worth buying?

The garden vacuum cleaner – the irreplaceable assistant on the seasonal dacha who is easily coping with collecting the fallen leaves which have remained after cutting of plodoyagodny bushes of branches and flowers, mowed grass and other vegetable garbage. But whether this modern device at the dacha is so necessary, or it is quite possible to manage also usual manual devices?

Judging by responses of owners of garden vacuum cleaners, with such assistant it is possible to forget about hours-long exercises with rake and iskoloty hands at all, it is essential to save time on cleaning of the site and to preserve the forces for performance of more important tasks. Important advantage of the vacuum cleaner blower also the lack of need for burning of the vegetable garbage which has collected during the season and possibility of use of leaves for compost preparation is considered. Besides cleaning by powerful air flow makes favorable impact on condition of the soil, promotes enrichment with its oxygen and completely excludes possibility of mechanical influence.

What blower to choose?

Before buying the garden vacuum cleaner, it is important to consider all existing types of devices and to stop the choice on the most suitable option. Modern producers of the garden equipment produce set of models of the vacuum cleaners for giving differing among themselves in the drive mechanism, operation principle, set of additional functions and other parameters. Many models of garden vacuum cleaners, irrespective of the principle of work and type of the drive, are equipped with the special grinder significantly facilitating and accelerating compost ripening process.

As the blower drive for garden and kitchen garden are subdivided on:

  •    the electric garden vacuum cleaners differing in compactness, low cost, small weight, environmental friendliness and lack of vibration (because of attachment to the extender are suitable for cleaning of small seasonal dachas);
  •    the petrol vacuum cleaners for giving which are characterized by the high performance and power, long work without overheating, but having such shortcomings as large dimensions, high noise level and vibrations, exhaust gas emission in the atmosphere;
  •    the accumulator vacuum cleaners for garden drawing attention of summer residents with the mobility and ecological security, but needing regular recharge.

What garden vacuum cleaner to buy: manual, the manpack or wheel?

Manual vacuum cleaners blowers can be electric, petrol and accumulator. Such devices have the tiny sizes and are used mainly for collecting leaves, grass from small territories. Thanks to compactness and small weight, the operator it is not necessary to apply many forces during waste removal.

The manpack garden vacuum cleaner is suitable for average and big sites. The main feature of such device is that the engine and its compressor are located on back that significantly reduces load of the operator. Most often as the drive of such country vacuum cleaners the accumulator is used, and the high power and availability of several operating modes concern the main advantage of model.

It is reasonable to buy the wheel vacuum cleaner for garden for application in the conditions of the industrial enterprises and for cleaning of big sites. The design of such cleaner includes the gasoline engine which is located on wheel base. Such option does not suit summer residents because of the high price and complexity in service.

Important plus of the vacuum cleaner blower is its multifunctionality, besides collecting leaves, this device can be used for cleaning of inside of the car, cleaning of the asphalted paths, acceleration of drying of paint, fire blower in the camera of incineration and performance of many other works. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team