How to create bush

How to create bush

Features of forming and cutting are dictated by properties of the bush and also preferences of the owner who wishes to give to plant any given form. But nevertheless in priority there are biological properties of bush therefore cutting of different breeds has the features. However there are general rules which will help you with forming of bush.

The main forming cutting causes growth of necessary escapes in the right direction and is carried out at the beginning of spring. Thus, again growing escapes will have enough time for development. But it is necessary to be ready to the fact that such bushes will blossom poorly.

There are many plants which can develop with identical success in species of tree and bush. To them make cutting for giving of kustovidny form "on stub", that is cut off at plant the leading escape to the basis. Equivalent escapes begin to grow from the sleeping kidneys. To give to krone certain density, carry out cutting of the grown escapes in two years. It is not obligatory to cut off them at the roots at all, it is enough to make of it at the height of ten-fifty centimeters.

If bush crooked, at the end of winter it is necessary to correct form. Cut off almost completely poorly developed party, correct the second party in the summer. Of the ends of young escapes the strengthened branching and formation of accurate and dense bush is capable to call Prishchipyvaniye. Excessive thickening of bush is undesirable, thus in its center thin and sickly escapes begin to develop. Cut out periodically excess branches which lack power supply and light. Do not forget about sanitary cutting, with its help delete the freezed and damaged escapes which prevent the correct forming of krone of bush. The cut has to be located over well developed kidney. Cutting of bush has to injure as little as possible plant therefore it is recommended to contain the tool in sharp and clean state. Cut off thin branches to two centimeters in the diameter curve garden knife or secateurs. Thicker branches are cut by hacksaw. The knife does not rumple fabric of plant and does equal cut, but demands certain accuracy. During the work with secateurs correctly choose situation, it should not touch other branches and has to be located freely.

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