How often it is necessary to water seedling tomato in the greenhouse

How often it is necessary to water seedling tomato in the greenhouse

Tomatoes – darling many, but culture, rather choosy to environmental conditions. In this regard in the majority of regions of the country the cultivation of this look is possible only in greenhouses. One of the most important components of creation of favorable climate for good productivity of plants are watering.

Landing and the first steps by big crop

Directly after shoots of seeds seedling tomato needs to be watered rather often, namely in process of soil drying. It is connected with still underdeveloped root system and high potential of growth of plants. After the sword-play and planting of tomatoes to the place of their continuous growth, quantity and frequency of watering it has to be regulated proceeding from requirement of plants and condition of the soil. The soil moisture up to 60% is considered optimum. Is defined simply – if at compression in palm the earth lump at first sticks together, and then is easily scattered again, humidity level normal means.

For disinfecting of the soil of hole, seedlings prepared for landing, it is desirable to water with 1% solution of manganese, approximately on solution liter in each hole. It is also possible to use special preventive medicines (for example "Barrier") which solution is also filled in in hole before landing, in dosage 0.5 liters on hole. Right after disembarkation to the greenhouse seedling it is necessary it is abundant to water and suspend further irrigation for up to ten-twelve days, in order to avoid the excessive growth of plants. But if the top leaves tomato have hung or were curtailed - it is sure sign of scarcity of water, and watering needs to be resumed.

Features of development and further care

In process of growth the root system of tomatoes develops deep into lands therefore special attention has to be paid not to the frequency of watering, but its quantity – rare, but abundant irrigation (up to 4-5 liters on square meter of landings) will allow to support the humidity level necessary for plants in the depth of the soil. Whereas on surface soil can and dry up slightly. Before hot days it is necessary to water seedling of tomatoes not more often than two times a week. In droughty, hot weather the frequency of waterings can be increased, sometimes up to daily watering. Optimum way is the drop system of watering of greenhouses, but anyway watering has to be made at the roots plants, without allowing hit of moisture on leaves and stalks. If watering is made by flowing method (from hose), the top layer of soil is regularly required to be loosened, allowing roots of plants "to breathe". After watering the airing of the greenhouse is obligatory as tomatoes are afraid of the increased air humidity. It is better to water early in the morning and only warm (not less than 20 wasps) and it is better the settled or rain water. After the beginning of blossoming it is necessary to increase amount of water to 8-10 liters by quarter m, and with the advent of fruits - up to 4 liters under each root. Irregular watering, that is the drying periods which are replaced by too frequent irrigation will lead to emergence of cracks of fruits and their excessive aquosity.

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