How to achieve rich harvest of strawberry

How to achieve rich harvest of strawberry

To achieve rich harvest of strawberry, it is necessary to make some efforts. And, of course, it is necessary to take care of that and next year of berries was enough both for food, and for jam.

Thorough survey

If leaves of strawberry were wrinkled and have got yellowish shade, strawberry is infected by strawberry tick. If not to combat it, first, the winter hardiness of plants decreases, secondly, the harvest will decrease almost half.

After harvesting examine attentively all bushes, remove the most sick and destroy them. At the remained bushes cut off all leaves, having left only heart. Process strawberry hot water (about 60-65 degrees). It is possible to spray with carbophos (½ h spoon on 10 l. waters).

If strawberry looks healthy, is not infected by wreckers, it is not necessary to cut off leaves after harvesting. It is enough to remove only the dried-up leaves and plokhoplodonosivshy bushes.

For prevention to spray also strawberry with garlic infusion (two heads of the pounded garlic on 10 l. waters).

Fertilizing of berries

First of all remove all weeds on strawberry plantation, then superficially loosen the soil. Further to zamulchiruyta strawberry beds organic fertilizer: to podsypta under bushes compost or peat layer of 2-3 cm.

During this period strawberry needs nitrogen: feed up plants ashes (4 glasses on 1 sq.m). After application of fertilizers well water strawberry.

Work with mustache

At the beginning of July at strawberry begin to grow escapes, that is mustache intensively. It is a high time to prepare seedling from sockets on mustache of two - three-year strawberry.

Separate sockets with rudiments of roots from maternal plant. That sockets have quicker taken roots, lower them for 8–10 hours in growth factor solution. Then put sockets on beds with the prime and friable quality land — nurseries. Distance between bushes of 20-25 cm. Water and at first to pritenyayta from bright sun with light material. In 2–3 weeks (by the end of July) seedling will be ready to change on the constant place. Young bushes have to have three leaves and well developed root system not less than 5 cm long.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team