How to arrange flower bed

How to arrange flower bed

To arrange flower bed, it is important to choose the place correctly. The majority of flowers love solar open areas and do not transfer shadowing at all. One more important aspect to which it is necessary to pay attention – the level of groundwater occurrance. If they are close from the surface of the soil, the flower bed is recommended to be lifted that at plants the root system did not rot.

It is required to you

  • - soil;
  • - fertilizers;
  • - planting stock;
  • - water;
  • - shovel;
  • - watering can.


1. Plan the site. If underground waters lie quite highly – lift flower bed by means of introduction of drainage materials. For this purpose dig over the site on shovel pin depth, make the wooden border towering over surface on 20-30 cm. Remove the top fertile soil layer, put aside, and on its place fill vegetable garbage. Everything is good – from sawdust and shaving of foliferous trees to mowed grass and small branches. Try not to close up roots of long-term weeds – there is risk that they will sprout. Over this "pillow" fill humus or the compost earth, and then – the soil layer removed earlier.

2. Decide what plants will be in your flower bed. For the majority of soils the landscape designers recommend mixture of long-term and annual flowers which are chosen not only on color gamma and height, but also blossoming time. The golden rule which you should not forget: the flower bed has to look beautifully throughout all season. If it is about midland, then it means that plants have to please you from May to October.

3. Study botanical characteristics of those flowers which you want to put. Try to find in the Internet of their photo. In one of the programs intended for architects make the plan of the flower bed and "set" it by means of these images. Thus, you will be able to see, color spots and whether it is worth planting one flower near another will be how harmonious.

4. Buy seeds, bulbs, rhizomes or seedling of flowers. It makes sense to put most of them in the spring when snow has descended and the soil has hardly begun to get warm. Certainly, gentle seedling needs additional pochvopokrovny material. The further agrotechnology of care for flowers consists in timely weeding, waterings and fertilizing by organic and mineral fertilizers. If it is correct to do everything, the flower bed will please you not one year.

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