How to arrange high bed

How to arrange high bed

Advantages at high bed weight. The harvest is much more, fruits ripen quicker, and that is important, it is easier to look after such bed. One more serious plus is that it does not need to be dug over every spring that does it especially convenient for pensioners and physically disabled people.


1. The high bed can be made on earth surface, and it is possible and to deepen a little to the earth. For construction of profound bed it is necessary in the right place to skim soil approximately on depth of 30-40 cm. If the removed soil is fertile, then it is used for top layer of future bed. If in it there are a lot of weeds, then it is better to use it in the base compost layer.

2. The box for high bed can be made of boards more than 4 cm thick or logs with a diameter of 8 cm. The brick or any other suitable construction material will approach. Internal walls of box stitch film. It is one bottom better to put small grid, it will protect fruits from attacks of rodents and moles. All construction has to be rugged and steady.

3. Everyone determines height of future bed independently. Width is also individual, but consider that with width of bed more than 130 cm it is not convenient to look after plants. Length depends on the located place on the site and amounts of building material.

4. It is possible to fill bed with the same materials which are used in warm beds. It is wood waste, paper, grass, all layers are poured by the earth and sand. Then all design needs to be watered and stamped. From above fertile soil is filled by thick layer. If roots appear in pereprevayushchy layer of bed, then they can burn down. It will ruin plant.

5. On such beds cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, pumpkins, cabbage and pepper perfectly grow. The first two years on such beds it is better not to grow up salad, garden radish and the Beijing cabbage since they quickly accumulate nitrates. If over high bed to pull film, then it is possible to grow up on it seedling or thermophilic vegetables.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team