How to arrange well the seasonal dacha

How to arrange well the seasonal dacha

The benefit times when the dacha was only the place for cultivation of fruit and vegetable cultures have consigned to the past and represented the plot of land speckled by beds in five hundred parts with the lop-sided lodge for stock. The modern seasonal dacha for many is well-planned beautiful vacation spot. Your boundless imagination and the wide range of construction and finishing materials are together capable to create miracle, having turned the fazenda into heavenly spot, subject of your pride and admiration of people around.


1. Draw the plan of your future "child". Pay special attention to design of system of paths and footpaths which for esthetics and convenience strengthen flat stone, strew with small crushed stone or lay out paving slabs. In this case they will not become limp in inclement weather, will be convenient and well-groomed.

2. Create small decorative reservoir – the pool or pond, Lay out it on perimeter large stone naked child and occupy small small fish (she will perfectly cope with problem of rapid blossoming of stagnant water). And at opportunity plant hygrophilous plants on coast, they will reduce evaporation from reservoir surface. Presence of reservoir softens and humidifies microclimate of your site.

3. Pay special attention to development of recreation area. It can be the beautiful gazebo braided vyyuny or wild grapes. In its shadow it will be pleasant to gather family for lunch, tea drinking or family holiday. Near gazebo for convenience build brazier or barbecue and put sun beds for suntan, country chairs and swing for little summer residents. For kids build wooden sandbox with canopy from the sun. Or get the ready plastic sandbox having the special cover closing sand from animals. Adhere to one style of your design finds.

4. Decorate the giving with flowers and flower compositions. The landscape compositions combining rigidity of architectural elements from stone and tenderness of lively colors and terrestrial plantings are especially modern. Consider, the main thing to place flowers so that they from May to September passed each other the baton of bright blossoming. On perimeter of your fazenda spread ornamental shrubs or fruit and berry cultures. When choosing plant varieties surely consider climatic features of your zone.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team