How to bring flies

How to bring flies

Flies – the winged insects appearing in warm season. Have big importunity and are carriers of dangerous diseases. Can cause dysentery, typhoid, cholera, plague and other not less dangerous diseases as without analysis sit down on excrement, on the died rats and mice, and then fly to the apartment and are treated with products, fruit, sit down on ware, etc. Therefore fight against them needs to be begun immediate, systematic and ruthless.

It is required to you

  • - aerosols;
  • - fumigant injectors;
  • - adhesive tape;
  • - mosquito grid.


1. For extermination of flies there are effective aerosols under different trade names. They very quickly help to destroy all flown individuals. For use read the instruction, remove all foodstuff, take out from the room of cage with birds, aquariums, bring dogs and cats.

2. Spray aerosol on all room, but spray not just in air, and process walls, curtains, windows. It will allow not only to cope with the flown flies, but also several days will serve for extermination of newcomers of insects. In one hour air the room stream of through air within 1 hour, carry out dry and damp cleaning.

3. Except aerosols use fumigant injectors with plates or with liquid for extermination of flies. Turn on devices in the morning, in the evening and during the day as required, but do not leave to work for the night as substance has chemical compounds and can negatively affect your health and health of your family.

4. Also in trade adhesive tapes with special structure which attracts flies with the smell are provided. The flown insects sit down on tape and are pasted to it forever. For use accurately stretch tape and fix in places of congestion of flies.

5. For prevention of appearance of flies in the apartment pull mosquito grid on all windows and window leaves, on outer doors hang up tulle curtains or make frame by the door size, pull on it mosquito grid, hang up frame on loops. The second door through which there will pass fresh air will turn out, but at the same time flies, mosquitoes, wasps, butterflies and other insects will not fly.

6. In addition process grid or tulle aerosol from the flying insects. If you daily sprinkle mosquito grids, then flies will not fly absolutely, and it will not be necessary to carry out large-scale works on their destruction.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team