How to build the frame-board house

How to build the frame-board house

Frame-board houses build on the basis of the timber or metal frame construction hidden in the building. Such houses are easily mounted, collect them as the designer, at the same time they are durable, reliable and convenient for accommodation.


The frame-board house — the pre-fabricated facilitated design. Its framework consists of two bindings — top and lower, vertical racks and also external and internal covering of walls between which stack layers hydro-, Paro - and thermal insulations. Outside and from within the house is revetted with finishing materials.

Prior to construction order the design plan of the frame-board house. The parts corresponding to the project make at the plant then they are delivered to the site and collected. At first they are modelled by means of the computer program therefore boards can be joined with each other with ideal accuracy. Each of them looks as design from glued bar.

At construction of frame-board houses recommend to use the base of tape type. Construction of such house is impossible without use of special equipment, it is necessary to bring boards to the place of building, the truck for this purpose is required. For works with boards and the rooftop it will be necessary to employ hoisting crane. At the same time not less than 5-6 people will be required to establish and fasten boards.

Arrangement of the basis

Before installation of boards it is necessary to make foundation of the house, for this purpose it is possible to use one of two methods. In the first case the basis is created from separate wood trusses with the lower and top binding. The top binding of farms will be the log on which installation of floor is made performs function. The second option of arrangement of the basis means installation of boards on mortgage wreath from bar. At the same time logs of floor will not communicate mortgage wreath and walls, their laying is carried out by the principle of the device of floor in the frame and frame house.

Main works

Together with framework install the numbered ready modules. The load-carrying structure should be processed antiseptics. Boards fasten with each other with standard connection thorn groove or by means of steel pads. After installation they fasten the top binding from bar. After assembly of framework and modules stack thermal insulation materials, them have between framework racks. Inside of framework trims with paroizolyatsionny film which will protect heater from moisture hit. On external covering establish wind-shelter membrane then start mounting of doors and windows. The roof is done, as a rule, rafter, it is covered with soft tile or metal tile. Rafters establish on the house or on roof frames. At the final stage carry out exterior finish of the house, for this purpose use lime or red brick, plaster and some other materials.

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