How to buy carpet

How to buy carpet

Ancient carpets maintained centuries of life and not too strongly spoiled from it. Their modern colleagues considerably concede to them in quality, but nevertheless it is possible to find good product. To choose good and qualitative carpet which will not lose look in year, and will serve for a long time, it is necessary to pay attention to some of its characteristics.


1. Time which the carpet to you will serve and also its quality, the most direct image depend on that, threads are how frequent in it. For handmade carpets this parameter is defined by the number of lines, and in carpets of machine tying in number of the points falling on one square meter. Half a million points are considered number after which already good and qualitative carpets begin.

2. Of course, nobody will begin to count in shop points in carpet therefore its quality is defined in any other manner. Invert carpet on inner side. Pile has to be tied to foundations of lines, and the drawing on reverse in accuracy to coincide with the fact that it is represented on face side.

3. Return to face side. Bend carpet. If on bend basis threads are already looked through, then it means that they are rather seldom located. Density of carpet is low, long it will not serve. If with density everything is all right, then from face side you will never manage to make out basis threads as bend it.

4. If you choose handmade carpet, then to you the error can occur in the drawing – any fragment of pattern is not symmetric, there are deviations. This results from the fact that masters often make small mistakes specially that nobody doubted that before them original handwork.

5. If you choose carpet on wall, then look narrowly at products from silk. These are the carpets requiring very careful care. You should not lay them on floor. In spite of the fact that they very strong, it is better for them to decorate interior. Silk carpets very beautifully shine, are poured and change the shades.

6. The ideal floor carpet is made of absolute wool. It adsorbs moisture and well holds heat. For the bedroom it is possible to take pile more long, and for the room where a lot of furniture, well not to spoil carpet traces from it.

7. Synthetic carpets have to undergo processing by special structure which interferes with dirt to settle on product. Also check whether the carpet with means against moth is impregnated, it is especially important for woolen products.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team