How to buy furniture fabric

How to buy furniture fabric

When choosing fabric for covering and covers it is important to pay attention to composition of material, its property and feature of leaving to upholstered furniture. Not only life cycle of covering, but also furniture in general will depend on right choice of fabric.

1. The majority of modern upholstery fabrics incorporate considerable part of synthetic fibers. Artificial fibers do not cause allergies and maintain severe conditions of operation. Obvious minus of synthetics is its ability to be electrified. However at the correct use and leaving the static stress is removed in the natural way. Rather in due time to air the room, to support optimum moisture content of air and to occasionally wipe surface of furniture with slightly humidified rag.

2. Choosing furniture fabric, pay attention to its structure. There are several types of the fibers which are widely used in production of modern fabrics. One of the most widespread is polyester. The fabrics containing this fiber, light, wearproof, quick-drying. They perfectly hold form and do not demand special leaving. Polyester freely imitates the invoice of natural fiber, is used during creation of smooth and velor fabrics and also bases under flock.

3. Such synthetic fiber as nylon, elastically, strongly, is resistant to repeated bend and abrasion. This fiber is similar in the qualities to polyester, but is more often applied at pile production.

4. The products containing viscose have fine heat-protective characteristics, well absorb moisture and pass air. Thanks to viscose, materials gain smoothness, softness and silkiness. Shortcomings of viskozosoderzhashchy fabrics are their easy creasing property, loss of durability in wet state and the increased wear resistance.

5. Acrylic on exterior and number of properties reminds wool. It is resistant to influence of organic solvents, acids, alkalis and light. Most often acrylic is used in production of shinill.

6. From natural fibers in production of furniture fabrics cotton and linen are used. Cotton has antistatic properties, however fabrics with its contents quickly lose color, are easily rumpled and quickly wear out. Besides, material with the high content of cotton can shrink. Linen fabric differs in hygroscopicity and good air permeability. Lack of material is its high cost and the increased creasing property.

7. Furniture fabric happens different types. The flock represents synthetic substitute of velvet. It is made by method of sputtering of fibers on the surface of material. The wear resistance, durability and softness of this fabric is reached by processing it by various impregnations. It is possible not only to subject material to dry cleaning, but also to wash away and erase manually. For the most qualitative types of flock the producer allows even machine wash.

8. Reliable and strong jacquard for 50% consists of synthetics, for 50% - of cotton. This fabric is made on the special machine. Thanks to difficult weaving of the threads which are started up in the machine under different corners and in the different direction, fabric finds unique patterns.

9. Shinill is made of velvety yarn which consists of synthetic and natural fibers. On exterior this fabric reminds velor unlike which it can be made in wider color range. Pile of shinill is combed on the special machine that gives it cozy attractive look and wear resistance.

10. At production of tapestry, both synthetics, and natural fiber is also used. This matter has high strength and rich pattern. The wearproof tapestry can be subjected to machine wash.

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