How to buy container

How to buy container

The container is the equipment necessary for transportation and also storage of cargoes of any specifics. Their sizes and weight have to conform to necessary standards. Transportation of containers with cargoes is carried out by means of automobile, railway and also sea means of transport.


1. If you need to transport any cargo, the first task will be to take care of container for it. You can buy container, also many companies suggest to rent container. The main thing - pick up container according to cargo dimensions as it is very important in transit various goods or the equipment.

2. Depending on specifics, the sizes, weight of the transported cargo, choose universal or specific containers, there are also containers for non-standard goods. The containers containing specific cargoes demand presence of heat insulation and ventilation. Also there are containers having special constructive openings through which loading and unloading of bulks is carried out.

3. The most convenient containers - such which sizes are 20 and 40 feet (609.6 cm and 1219.2 cm). Use twenty-foot container for transportation of goods of small volume, forty-foot containers perfectly will be suitable for storage and transportation of the goods having the smaller weight and bigger volume. Forty-foot containers have the big capacity than standard containers with sizes of 40 feet that provides the most effective use of the area of container, and it is extremely important, by transport and rail transportation (literally each centimeter of the area necessary for transportation is considered here).

4. External dimensions of forty-foot containers: length - 1200 cm, width - 240 cm, height - 290 cm. Internal dimensions - 1180 cm, 235 cm and 255 cm respectively. The volume of similar container - 71.8 m3, weight - 4 tons, loading capacity is about 28 tons.

5. In need of transportation of cargoes and the choice of containers for this purpose - address to the companies specializing in this direction. Experts will help you to pick up the container conforming to requirements of specifically your cargo that goods have reached the destination safe and sound.

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