How to buy gas-fire

How to buy gas-fire

One of the most important assistants to the woman in kitchen is plate. Today to buy such device quite easily, but it is correct to choose – very difficult and it turns out not at everyone. Without serious knowledge base it is almost impossible to cope with it. Not to be mistaken when choosing and to make the correct and high-quality purchase, you need to know the following nuances.


1. First of all, it is necessary to decide on the gas-fire size - it depends on dimensions of your kitchen furniture. Standard height of the device – 85 cm, and depth – from 50 to 60 cm. However the plates equipped with additional adjustable legs by means of which it is possible to increase height slightly are issued. Width of this device varies ranging from 30 up to 90 cm.

2. All gas-fires are made from high-quality creep-resisting noncorrosive steel. However the surface of gas panels can differ: - The enameled surface – traditional and reliable. It is quite cheap, strong, it can be provided in any color. But at the same time several shortcomings have such appearance of surface: from enamel it is extremely difficult to remove traces of fat, liquid, over time on it chips and scratches appear; - The surface made of stainless steel is polished or opaque. Such material very strong, wearproof, is washed much easier in comparison with enamel. However it is necessary to look after such gas panel constantly, on it there can be fingerprints; - The glass-ceramic surface is the most reliable, besides it effectively looks, long keeps the attractive look as it is made of high-strength material, steady both to temperature, and to mechanical loadings. At observance of operating manuals it is easy to support such panels in constant purity.

3. After that it is possible to pass to the choice of rings. Standardly gas-fires are issued with four rings, however you can meet models at which their three, five or six. The size of rings has to correspond to ware. Ideally the flame has to heat only bottom, under such condition the energy will be saved, to be cooked food quicker, and ware will serve much longer. Traditionally gas-fires are equipped with one ring of low power, two – average and one more – high.

4. The following what it is necessary to pay attention to is type of oven: - The gas oven standardly has two modes of heating. The lower heat is created by means of gas heating coil, and top – is created by the electric or gas grill strengthened above. In the first case you receive more uniform warming up of surface, but also will be of it more expensive. The gas grill is much more economic, but for management they need experience; - The electric oven is traditional and multipurpose. The majority prefer the second option. Such ovens are equipped with the fan which allows to distribute hot air evenly. Besides, they have several heating coils at once. In multipurpose electric ovens you will be able to prepare the most various dishes.

5. The gas-fire has to be equipped with special system which will stop gas supply if fire in ring goes out. Have to be equipped with protection against leak both rings, and oven. 

6. Electroignition will allow you to forget about matches and will save from excess concern. It happens two types: the first joins when pressing certain button and the second – automatic. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team