How to choose the desktop gas stove for giving

How to choose the desktop gas stove for giving

Now, living the most part of time in the city, people have got used to use all benefits of civilization, such as water, gas, means of communication and electricity. And when the question of trip to weekend to the dacha comes, they try to ensure the same comfort. However one of the most necessary devices at the dacha is the plate intended for cooking. To take stationary it is very problematic and therefore most often use desktop gas-fire.


1. Advantage of gas-fire consists in its portability, small weight (about 6 or 8 kg), independence of electricity, simplicity of design and convenience of operation. And, the most important, in lower cost in comparison with electric, especially induction.

2. Before choosing desktop gas-fire for giving, it is worth deciding on number of people who with you will be, for stay at the dacha and the area of the kitchen. Depending on where there will be gas-fire, depends whether you will be able to establish dvukhkomforochny, trekhkomforochny or chetyrekhkomforochny model.

3. When choosing plate it is worth paying attention to the following. The desktop plate for giving has to be adapted for work on liquefied gases and their mixes, but remember that for this purpose it has to be completed with jet (adapter) which happens not in all models. Also to be necessary to pay attention to firmness of the enameled covering - it has to be practical. It is better to take plate from stainless steel as it is more practical and it is much easier to wash it. It is better to get gas-fire with the cover preventing it from blockage at that time while you do not use it.

4. To buy the equipment with electroignition it is not profitable as its operation will require the electric power. It is worth taking such plate in case on your seasonal dacha there are no problems with electricity. If and to make the choice for plate with this function, then it is necessary to choose pyezopogig, become very popular now. If you have kitchen no more than 20 square meters, then installation only of dvukhkomforochny desktop gas-fire is allowed.

5. To dry up fruit or to bake pie in country conditions, it is possible to buy the desktop gas stove with electrooven if you at the dacha have electricity. In case you are afraid that in gas cylinder mix will suddenly reach a limit, it is better to get trekhkomforochny desktop gas-fire. It consists of two gas rings and one electric pancake.

6. From this it is possible to draw conclusion that the desktop gas-fire is inexpensive, transportable and compact household appliances which you without any problems will be able to fill independently in due time and in the desirable place. But even at the same time you should not forget safety instructions which says – it is impossible to make changes to equipment design independently at all!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team