How to choose convenient sofa

How to choose convenient sofa

The sofa is not just furniture, and functional subject which is irreplaceable in any house and the apartment, the comfort cosiness indoors more depends on it. To pick up convenient sofa, it is necessary to consider set of indicators of quality. The main thing is to understand that it has principal value at selection of sofa.

During purchase of sofa it is necessary to consider not only unusual design, but also comfort of furniture. Each person perceives convenience in own way, it is especially individual. For example, what for one will be considered as comfort top for another can become inconvenience limit. For this reason each person has to refer only to personal preferences, but not to the words of surrounding people. Despite this, there are several councils helping to get the correct sofa which will please the owners still long time.

Selecting sofa model taking into account its convenience, it is required to consider its sizes which on the established standards have to be in width and in length at twenty centimeters more than the parameters of human body. If to buy this piece of furniture of the smaller sizes, then will sleep on it very uncomfortablly as the head and legs will begin to rest against armrests, besides from such sofa it is possible to fall easily.

Level of its rigidity is considered important criterion of convenience of sofa. Any person can state own preferences regarding the specified parameter. Generally it is required to buy such sofa which will correspond to body weight. Than weight is more – that the basis of sofa has to be more rigid and vice versa. It occurs because the easy person will not be able to feel conveniently during sleep on too rigid surface. But the same sofa can perfectly approach and seem very soft for the large person, thanks to what will cave in considerably under its body weight.

Also during purchase of sofa it is necessary to pay attention to quality of upholstery fabric. For example, the flock looks quite modestly, but it is easy to clean it at formation of spots on it. Chinchillas, tapestry and jacquard – very elegant materials, but if not to take due care for them, then further fabrics quickly lose the original attractive exterior. It is desirable to select upholstery with teflon covering which will prevent formation of spots from tea, waters and coffee for this reason.

It is important to pay attention to filler quality test because the term of operation of sofa directly depends on it. Producers which value opinion of buyers complement the sofas with lightnings that the consumer could see filler personally. Best quality sofas contain springs, latex, foam rubber, laying from wool and cotton inside. Similar furniture can keep form up to twenty five years.

In the quality sofas relating to economy class foam rubber or latex is applied to filling of pillows, and for depreciation of load of it the spring block is put. If springs in upholstered furniture are absent, then its price has to be 10 times less, but such model will get out of shape later only three – four years.

Stuffing density is important too. Thickness of the pillow which is in middle part of sofa has to be about 80 - 100 mm, and in headboard – it is not less than 60 mm. The latex or foam rubber will be softer, the stronger it will crumble, so, pillows of sofa will begin to be pressed and fail quickly.

Before buying the attracted sofa it is necessary to sit on it. At the sofa intended for rest, the seat has to be slightly inclined, and between seat and back there has to be big corner, also there has to be support for the head. If when sitting you have felt relaxation and comfort, then the sofa has been chosen correctly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team