How to choose correctly gas-fire

How to choose correctly gas-fire

The gas-fire has to fit successfully into kitchen interior, to be functional, modern and convenient in operation. If you want to choose correctly gas-fire, then study characteristics of the main models presented at the market.


1. Pick up plate of the necessary size. Height of gas-fire has to be equal to the level of working table-top of complete kitchen or table. Device depth is also determined according to the sizes of kitchen table. You watch that the design of plate corresponded to registration of kitchen.

2. Choose the necessary quantity of rings. The number of rings depends on the size of family and volume of cooking – serial and simultaneous. Usually there are enough 4 rings – standard plates are equipped such quantity of torches.

3. Decide on covering. The surface of gas-fire defines convenience in care for the device and durability of covering. The following types of surfaces meet: - Enamel – plates with such covering are convenient and durable, for their cleaning there is set of the cleaning agents which are not damaging surface and allowing to delete effectively any pollution. The cheapest covering. - Stainless steel – well looks, for cleaning of covering it is necessary to use special structures. - Glass ceramics – effective and functional modern covering. Any pollution (except sugar) easily are removed from glass-ceramic covering by means of simple cleansers.

4. Choose oven type. Gas ovens are not so functional as electric. Preparation of dishes in electric oven differs in quality because of opportunity to regulate the thermal modes, to create fragrant crust, using convection function, etc. Gas ovens are more economic, but have no such advantages. Be guided by usual food allowance and dishes which you cook.

5. Decide on design. The design and color of plate depends on covering material therefore it is important to choose correctly gas-fire for style of the room. The enameled surface assumes variety of shades, other materials are limited in three flowers – white, black and brown.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team