How to connect the oven

How to connect the oven

Quite often people should be engaged in connection of the electric oven. The typical oven can connect to home current network in two ways: three- or four-hardwired connection. Terminal blocks can be found in back area of the device, behind protective metal board. On the device no more than an hour leaves.

It is required to you

  • Flat and cross screw-drivers, insulating tape, three- or four-contact plug.


1. For a start unscrew metal board behind oven. After its removal you will have access to electrical connectors. You will see three wires: red, white and black. If there is chertyrekhkontaktny adapter, then there has to be also green wire. It is usually connected with the earth. It is fastened on the screw which holds metal board on oven. Quite often green wire contacts the connector of white ground wire.

2. Connect color wires of the adapter to the terminal block connector. Push cord through the lower aperture. It is necessary to do it so that installation of welding shield has not prevented them. You watch that colors of wires of cord matched the colors of wires of the connector. Through red and black wire there is alternating current while white and green will be ""earth"". Practically all screws of the connector – flat heads. Newer devices have Phillips head screws on each wire. Check all connections. They have to be dense. Surely envelop them insulating tape if they are closely to each other.

3. Establish welding metal shield into place. Put the oven into place, at the same time leave about 10 centimeters between the device and wall. Connect fork. It can be got in shop. There are meter and two-meter cords with forks.

4. Before including fork in the socket, surely read the instruction in which safety requirements are described. It surely has to go complete with the oven. So, now you can include fork in the socket. At the included current the oven has to work. Surely check all its functions. They have to work properly. If there are any malfunctions, address to the service center.

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