How to choose curtains under certain interior

How to choose curtains under certain interior

When repair is fully completed, furniture is placed in places, it is necessary only to decide on the choice of curtains. But it is necessary to select curtains so that they have harmoniously fitted into the general interior of the room.

If the general design of the room is sustained in style hi-tech, then it is worth preferring modern and laconic curtains which main task will be protection against solar color. They have to be from synthetic materials, monophonic, gray, white, blue or green colors, without drawings.

At style shabby chic expensive, qualitative curtains from natural fabrics with graceful design will be appropriate. The coloring has to correspond to the general interior, for example, if it is the nursery, then curtains with the image of angels or bows will well look.

The room in Baroque style is emphasized with luxury and high art. In this case it is necessary to use the design made of smart and heavy fabric with addition of fringe, ruches or lace. The color palette has to be rich and saturated: scarlet, burgundy, gold, dark green or dark blue.

Provence style, on the contrary, very easy, cozy and gentle. Curtains also have to emphasize the general atmosphere. To such room it is better to choose air linen, print or cotton curtains. If on them there is print, then it has to be modest and not bright, it is better with the image of flowers.

The main difference of empire curtains, is shown that their design is difficult and multilayered. Typical example: tulle with big folds and portieres from velvet, noble flowers, with brushes low and numerous fringe. Such variation perfectly is suitable for study, the living room or the bedroom.

Artdeco demands harmonious combination at unusual mixture. For example, air fabrics of curtains and heavy lambrequins, or combination of direct silhouettes and broken lines. Color can be chosen any, main that curtains have joined in overall picture.

At old-fashioned style vintage retro volume designs with difficult draperies are characteristic. Here the quality of material is more important. Preference is given to silk, taffeta or satin, with obligatory cords, tape, fringe and brushes. It is better to maintain warm colors, for giving to the room of bigger cosiness.

At combination of curtains to wall-paper it is necessary to watch that they did not merge in monophonic spot if are sustained in one color. For this purpose it is necessary that curtains were 2 tones lighter or are more dark than wall-paper.

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