How to choose doors to the bathroom

How to choose doors to the bathroom

The specifics of such room as the bathroom, consist in its increased humidity. It is the fundamental factor influencing the choice of door. Besides, it has to fit into the general interior of the room and at the same time correspond to design of the bathroom.


1. If you have made the decision to establish timber door to the bathroom, make sure that it is processed by antibacterial water-repellent varnish which will prevent swelling of wood and will not allow to be formed to fungal defeats on its surface.

2. Glass doors are well protected from deformation. Besides, they easily wash and pass a lot of light. The most modern option – doors from opal glass with finishing components from metal and plastic. Choosing such door, surely consider that glass has to be high-impact.

3. The laminated door will be suitable for supporters of classical models. The light moisture-proof composite materials used in its production are also not exposed to deformation. Besides, it is quite difficult to distinguish the laminated door from wooden as it is covered with the high-strength film imitating structure of wood.

4. The modern doors made of high-quality artificial materials differ from natural not only visually, but also to the touch. Considerable argument in favor of plastic doors – their low cost.

5. Besides material of which the door is made its design is also important. Usual oar doors are established in aperture together with box and demand a lot of place. Modern sliding doors, in turn, need very few place for the shift of door cloth along wall surface.

6. That door opening was well ventilated, between door and floor it is necessary to provide gap about five centimeters. Or pick up door with special air vent and the grid suitable on color and design of door.

7. The door in the bathroom has to be functional. From its inside for the purpose of economy of the place on all surface the mirror can be established.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team