How to choose plants for the Alpine hill

How to choose plants for the Alpine hill

The Alpine hill (rock garden) is height or artificial embankment with plants, bushes and stones. It is the landscaping element capable to decorate any garden. To create such composition, it is necessary to choose correctly plants, considering soil type, climate and soil dampness.

The Alpine hill consists of three main parts: tops, average zone and foot. Everyone has requirements to registration and selection of plants.

  • At top the low level of humidity, but is a lot of sun and high temperatures. The photophilous plants transferring drought best of all are suitable for this zone. The carnation, creeping thyme, edelweiss Alpine can become ideal option iberis.
  • In average zone there are less sunshine and heat, but it is more than moisture. For this territory awl-shaped, anfalis trekhzhilkovy, Schmidt's wormwood, the Alpine aster, thrift and primrose is better to choose phlox.
  • The flowers growing at foot get least of all light. The soil is well moistened, plants are in shadow or half-shade. In the lower part of rock garden it is possible to place shade-loving or coniferous types: to kupalniyets, crested birds, ferns, shadow kamnelomk, button-snakeroot, rhododendrons, thyme, obriyeta, thyme.

Bulbous flowers will become fine addition: hyacinth, crocus, Kauffman's tulip, autumn crocus, tulip late. You should not choose foliferous trees as in the fall leaves will fall down and pollute composition for rock garden.

Pochvopokrovny cultures for rock gardens

These plants will fill intervals between stone elements. Also they prevent drying of the soil and emergence of weeds.

For rock gardens most often choose zvezdovka, the dryad and diastseyu. Zvezdovka forms green carpet of toothed leaves and small flowers. The dryad – mountain plant with creeping stalks, and diastion enjoys wide popularity at gardeners thanks to bright orange colors and juicy green foliage which forms dense carpet.

The train, rezukha, viol, arundinariya, pansies, ramonda, gentian, yaskolka, bergenia, atsena, cat's claw, bukharnik, euonymus will become magnificent decoration of composition Brunner.

Coniferous plants

The unusual composition can be created from undersized hvoynik. For example, at top of rock garden to plant fir-tree or thuja, in average zone to place various grades of juniper, and to decorate foot with dwarfish hvoynik and kamnelomky.

For rock garden it is possible to choose mountain or black pine, subauriform and Canadian fir-tree, junipers: Chinese, scaly, horizontal. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team