How to choose quality material just for decoration?

How to choose quality material just for decoration?

For the modern buyer who chooses furniture the large role is played by style, the price and also materials of which it is made. People spend indoors 90% of time, and it is important for them that furniture was eco-friendly and not unhealthy.

To pick up quality material just for decoration, it is necessary to know its main characteristics.

The pine and fir-tree which belong to soft breeds of tree are excellent materials for production of almost all types of furniture. The lack of these materials is that wood reacts to humidity. It inflates from dampness and dries in arid climate.

Oak, maple and mahogany - also fine materials just for decoration. Some materials are not more expensive, than fir-tree or pine. Strong breeds of trees are subject to influence of moisture as well as soft.

Plywood or interline interval are used as covering or substrate. There is scaleboard and MDF. For production of furniture most often choose plywood from strong breeds of tree. For some types of furniture plastic plywood undertakes. Plywood - the plain material valued for profitability and flexibility. Sometimes plywood is used to hide clamps, screws and other binders. But they can begin to appear from under coating layer, forming cambers over time.

This material is made of two layers of plywood which are stuck together together. The quality of plywood and materials of which it is made determine finally the scaleboard cost. Unlike normal wood, the scaleboard is not subject to moisture influence. Each layer in such material is imposed at an angle in 90 degrees in relation to the previous layer. The drawing which prevents wood deformation turns out cross-wise.

It is difficult to connect scaleboard by means of screws.

This inexpensive, smooth and cheap material can be used as substrate. Material rather soft, and it it is necessary to consider at production of furniture. For example, it can be used as covering for table, but provided that there will be reliable support from below. Otherwise it will begin to sag.

Metal furniture is made of steel and aluminum which, as a rule, are the processed materials. Big advantage of metal furniture - in its environmental friendliness. Metal is raw materials which can be melted.

Choosing materials for furniture covering, give preference to non-toxic finishing.

The volatile organic compounds which are contained in glue, paints, varnishes and coverings are toxic and noxious to health. Result - bad air quality and various problems with health, related: headaches, fatigue, asthma.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team