How to repair doors

How to repair doors

Repair – business serious and it is necessary to treat it too seriously. For example, if the expert or the owner of the apartment it is low-quality to establish door, then it can warp, both creak and jam, and even all together. In this situation it is possible to arrive as follows: to replace door (perhaps, the door is guilty), to establish door anew or to establish new door instead of door old. Your choice, but if you have preferred to repair door, listen to our recommendations.


1. The first that needs to be made when the door begins to jam – to check loops regarding the stirred-up screws. If screws absolutely badly keep in slots, unscrew them and hammer the chopik greased with PVA glue into openings. Twist screws of a little bigger length, than previous. These works will take you no more than 10-15 minutes.

2. If the door jams at the top of jamb, turn off the top canopy, chisel accurately pare down a few box. Thereby you deepen the top canopy. Under the lower canopy it is possible to enclose piece of cardboard. If the door jams below, it will be necessary to do the same, only on the contrary. The door has to begin to be closed normally. Nevertheless, these actions can not conceive effect. Then visually define the place on door which touches box then to podstrugayta its plane.

3. There is it that the uvula of the lock will mix up up and begins to touch level. Then the level needs to be overwound. If shift is considerable, processing of the adjoining parts will be required by file.

4. To fight against scratch absolutely simply. It is necessary to raise only a little door, to enclose under it something strong and to drip in canopy two-three drops of lubricating oil from the syringe or lubricator. Instead of oil it is possible to enclose the crumbed graphite in canopy. The soft simple pencil perfectly will be suitable for these purposes, namely – its rod.

5. The door can by itself sometimes be closed or open. It means that canopies are incorrectly fixed. In case the door constantly opens, enclose the necessary thickness laying under the top canopy. If the door is closed, it is necessary to enclose laying under the lower canopy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team