We choose design of curtains for sitting room

We choose design of curtains for sitting room

The living room - the center of all house. Its name is very symbolical: in the living room receive guests. It is the first and, probably, the only room which is open for public eyes. In it everything has to be ideal.

It is a little about the living room

The living room has to be beautiful: furniture to be combined among themselves, accessories not to draw excessive attention to itself. Each subject in this room has to bear certain semantic accent, message. The living room sustained in one color gamma can seem boring. Much bigger variety can be brought exterior of the room bright accents. Be not overzealous, too large number of bright parts will make the living room tasteless and defiant. Modern designers pay much attention to trifles which transfer mood and the atmosphere of the room.

10 years ago curtains performed function of wall. Now it is the full element of decor capable to change all concept and mood of the room.

Curtains are large and important part of decor. They have to be rather long completely to close window. But at the same time to have folds not to create effect of fourfold wall. Besides curtains the availability of tulle which will protect the room from bright sunlight in the afternoon is obligatory. Classical option - tulle and dense curtains. However, if dense curtains seem to you too bulky and heavy, they can be replaced with easier, having used them in several rows.

Several councils for the choice of curtains

Bright accents of the room, have to differ from each other in color no more than on one tone. Ideal option that all these elements were one color.

The color elements sustained in one style will show in you the person watching fashion trends in the field of decor. For a start decide what colors are pleasant to you that you would like to allocate in the room. Curtains quite big element of the room, on an equal basis with furniture therefore if you have decided to diversify the living room at their expense, it is better to refrain from other large bright objects. Besides, changing curtains alone, you can change all exterior of the hall.

If at walls there are patterns, it is better to choose monophonic curtains, without drawings not to receive excessive pestrost. Monophonic curtains will perfectly fit into any interior. You should not underestimate curtains with patterns. They, as well as curtains of bright colors, can decorate the room, bring it variety. It is worth treating them very accurately. Neutral walls have to dilute the intricate drawing. The drawing of curtains not necessarily has to be bright, it can be executed in the form of stamping. Then it is possible not to constrain itself in dressing of the living room and not to limit work of imagination. Curtains can be any color, except for white. It is better to use them in combination with curtains of other flowers. As there will hardly be living room with white walls, curtains of such color will unnaturally look in any room. Therefore for giving to white curtains of naturalness add to them curtain of dark colors. The fine option of multilayered registration of space around window will turn out. These are the basic rules for the choice of curtains to the living room. Apparently, this subject opens great opportunities for imagination.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team