How to choose the base for the house from foam concrete block

How to choose the base for the house from foam concrete block

In the choice of the base for the house from foam concrete blocks it is necessary to make a start from features of this material, the project of the building, climatic features of the region of residence, soil type on construction site and the level of groundwater occurrance.


1. Foam concrete block – light material therefore for such houses it is possible to build on the most simple bases: tape and column. Level of deepening of sole of the basis depends on that, is how close to earth surface underground waters lie and the soil freezes through. If SFP (soil freezing point) is lower than 1 m, and UGV (level of underground water) high, so during soil freezing defrosting it will put considerable pressure upon the base. Therefore, irrespective of type of the chosen basis, it will need to be buried below TPG at 20-30 cm.

2. The simplest decision for the house from foam concrete blocks in regions with warm climate and on condition of stable soil – the column base. Support can be built from finished factory products (concrete poles or piles) or are filled in independently with use as timbering of asbestos-cement pipes. The column base can be also to the national teams: built from foundation masonry units (FBS). But this type of the basis will be more expensive as it will be required to involve the load-lifting construction equipment to mounting of reinforced concrete stones.

3. One more type of the base which will be suitable for the house from foam concrete blocks, – column with grillage. It represents the strengthened pier foundation which support are connected by concrete tape. Such base is chosen in the conditions of mobile soil, and it is very convenient for those builders who wish to make the basement with separate entrance from the street.

4. If site relief difficult, with considerable height differences, the optimum choice – the base on screw piles. Such basis will be suitable also for areas with the marshy soil. Screw piles mount by means of yamobur. Support bury below TPG therefore forces of rebound will not make negative impact on the base. Before installation the screw piles need to be processed in addition anticorrosive structures.

5. The qualitative waterproofing is very important for the house from foam concrete blocks. Therefore any basis of construction has to push away moisture and not allow it to walls. If fill in continuous footing, cover its surface with roofing material, it is better to process columns bitumen or mastics. The same concerns also reinforced concrete slabs. This type of the base is chosen in the most difficult conditions when the immovability can provide to the basis only "floating" monolith: if soil unstable, UGV high, and is lower than 1.5 m of TPG. In this case it is necessary to mount also the water disposal system: ring or wall drainage.

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