How to choose the kitchen blender

How to choose the kitchen blender

The blender cannot compete with the food processor neither the power, nor functionality. Nevertheless its application in kitchen for housewives quite often is more convenient, than use of the bulky and difficult combine in operation.


1. Those who have such kitchen unit as the combine in economy with confidence will tell that this thing in economy just irreplaceable. It can chop, both cut and shake up and process, wring out juice from fruit and berries and even to wipe. However after its application, inconveniences begin: it is necessary to put many efforts to disassemble the device, to wash all parts and to collect back. Besides often most part of functions in practice remains unclaimed. What it is possible to replace the necessary, but difficult device with? The answer is simple - the blender.

2. There are two types of blenders - submersible and stationary. Stationary are equipped with support and special bowl. All knives are usually located below. By means of such device it is possible without efforts to make cream soup, mixed vegetables for small children and various sauces. The stationary blender is also capable to assist in hashing of the test and splitting of ice. However initial and its main destination consists in preparation of cocktails. The bowl usually has the jug form with small, as at samovar, nose.

3. Submersible blenders have also not bad proved at housewives. This device has the extended form on which end two-blade knives which actually both mix are located and crush products. By means of this compact unit it is convenient to work with small volumes of products - to cut onions or greens, garlic or nuts. The longer the device will work, the cutting and uniformity of products will turn out more small. The submersible blender will perfectly cope with preparation of puree and mixing of sauces. Its main advantage is compactness and possibility of installation in any container with ingredients.

4. Choosing the stationary or submersible blender it is necessary to pay attention to power and the number of speeds. Devices with small capacities can cope only with soft products - boiled vegetables, not firm fruit and cocktails. However such kitchen appliances which have the increased characteristics are capable to make set of operations, without losing at the same time quality of the received products. Some devices can have up to fifteen speeds.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team