How to choose the manual coffee grinder

How to choose the manual coffee grinder

The manual coffee grinder – the choice of the judge of coffee who prefers not to save time to make the real drink with divine aroma. One of the main arguments in favor of use for grinding of coffee beans of manual draft, is that they do not heat up in process. If in the electric coffee grinder the aroma of grains begins to disappear when they are crushed by knife or millstones, then in the manual coffee grinder the process proceeds more slowly and temperature of grains significantly does not increase.


1. Manual coffee grinders practically all treat millstone type, that is two millstones, one of which strongly fastens to the support bottom, will be the main part of such machine, and the second rotates by means of the handle. Degree of grinding of coffee beans depends on distance between surfaces of millstones. Buying the manual coffee grinder, pay attention that degree of grinding could be regulated.

2. Manual mills for coffee are two types – European and east. European represent tetrahedral box with capacity for coffee, the handle and box for the ground grains. The handle can be located from above or sideways. East – cylindricity, the handle is from above, and ground coffee pours out in the lower, removable part of cylinder. Material for the body of the European coffee grinders is more often – tree, for east – the metal decorated with thread and incrustations. They are more compact, in the course of grinding it is convenient to hold them in hand, the handle can act and be stored in non-working state in the coffee grinder.

3. Choosing the coffee grinder, check whether conveniently for you will work with it, take in hand, twist the handle. Check that capacity for the ground grains was rather big to place necessary amount of powder.

4. Millstones in coffee grinders are made of cast iron or ceramics. Pig-iron are stronger, it is more difficult to damage them if the coffee grinder falls. But they are quickly trimmed, and gourmets notice ferruterous smack which buys drink after grind in such millstones. Ceramic are deprived of this shortcoming, but can break at careless handling of the coffee grinder.

5. Producers offer manual coffee grinders of various design, and the choice will depend only on your taste and style in which your kitchen is registered. You can get "semi-antique" manual coffee mill or executed in hi-tech style.

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