How to choose the mixer

How to choose the mixer

The mixer is household appliance which has the mass of purposes. For example, preparation of drinks, omelets, test, mousses, puree, beating of eggs. If you make right choice, then the mixer will become irreplaceable thing in your kitchen. Upon purchase you should pay attention to the following characteristics.

1. Mixer type. Two main categories of mixers are presented at the modern market: manual and stationary. The manual mixer needs to be held constantly in hand, and stationary can independently work as it is equipped with support and bowl. On power the stationary mixer exceeds manual, but also it is more expensive. The decision on what type of mixers to stop, entirely depends on your preferences, habits and requirements. Devices equally work therefore everything depends on usability. Advantage of the manual mixer – compactness, and stationary – it allows you to be engaged in another matters when cooking. If you have chosen the stationary mixer, then do not forget to pay attention to bowl volume.

2. Mixer power. Rotational speed of nozzles of the device, and, as a result, operating time depends on the size of this characteristic. Standard power of the manual mixer varies from 150 to 350 W., and stationary – from 200 to 350 W.

3. Mixer nozzles. Surely several nozzles for beating and batch of the test have to be included in the package of the mixer. Operation principle and form of nozzles it is identical everywhere, but it is necessary to pay attention to quality and material of which they are made. Also nozzles for preparation of vegetable or fruit puree, baby food can be included in the package. Some producers turn on the universal grinder which is used for preparation of mincemeat or crushing of greens in set.

4. Additional functions. Speeds. Usually mixers have from 3 to 5 speeds. But the most expensive models can have also 12 speeds. Turborezhim. Some mixers are equipped with this function which allows the motor of the device to increase rotational speed by short period of time. The accompanying sets. Often various measured glasses, brushes for cleaning or rake for hashing are included in the package.

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