How to choose the Swedish wall

How to choose the Swedish wall

The Swedish wall – one of the most convenient and functional exercise machines which can be useful both to children, and adults. Its main advantage is that its design gives opportunity to change complete set and to supplement the exercise machine with new sports elements. It is worth choosing the Swedish wall proceeding from parameters of safety and durability.


1. Make sure that the Swedish wall is safe. The metal and wooden models provided on sale have the pluses and minuses. If the exercise machine is manufactured of metal, that is sliding probability from steps, but on the other hand, such wall is more durable and is stronger than wooden. Besides, there were already specialized anti-sliding coatings with which some producers cover crossbeams. The exercise machine made of wooden parts is more eco-friendly. However it is necessary to pay attention to quality of processing of elements not to receive during the splinter classes.

2. Look on what weight of the user the wall is calculated. At wooden exercise machines this indicator usually from 80 to 100 kg, at metal – from 100 to 200 kg depending on construction features. Besides, in advance solve who will be engaged on the exercise machine since there are Swedish walls for adults completed in addition with elements and for children and specialized children's complexes.

3. Pay attention to way of fastening of the Swedish wall. Classical models fasten to wall which surely has to be bearing, otherwise will not sustain weight of the exercise machine and the athlete. If you are going to establish complex about plasterboard wall, then it is better to get such complex which is established in thrust between floor and ceiling. However such models borrow much more the place and, in fact, are already small sport centers. On fastenings of the exercise machine, as well as on him, there have to be no sharp angles and edges and also the acting parts.

4. Learn about availability of the certificate on products. It guarantees that the Swedish wall has passed sanepidemzaklyucheniye on materials of which it is made, and production and also confirms safety, durability and reliability of its design.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team