How to choose USM

How to choose USM

Tenderly I call the Angular Grinder (AG) in the people by the Bulgarian. It is used for cutting of various materials and zachishcheniye and grinding of surfaces. It is necessary to approach the choice of any construction tool very attentively, and the Bulgarian is not exception.

It is required to you

  • money, hardware store


1. Solve whether household USM or professional is necessary to you. The main difference of these two types is that it is necessary to switch off household USM each 10-15 minutes and to give rest. It is possible to use them only 2-3 hours a day, and the professional device is capable to work till 8 o'clock. Most often for house application choose household USM, but here everyone solves.

2. Consider that the grinding disk of the Bulgarian can differ on diameter and as materials which he is capable to process. Look at the registration certificate, there it has to be written what maximum diameter of the disk established on this USM. If you plan the large volume of works, then take the Bulgarian with disk more.

3. Remember that the big working disk demands big power. Therefore, buying model with big disk, choose more powerful Bulgarian. Powerful USM heats up during the work not too strongly. Large diameter of disk allows to make deeper section.

4. Check whether the tool has continuous adjustment of rotational speed. This function is especially convenient for grinding of the most various types of materials. Some USM are supplied with the systems of adjustment of speed of turns of spindles. You remember - the rotational speed of disks about 80 m/s best of all is suitable for cutting. At the same time the large diameter of disk assumes smaller rotational speed and vice versa, the disk is less, the more there has to be speed.

5. In the construction market there is huge choice of Bulgarians. Choosing USM, give preference to well-known companies. Tools of solid producers are exposed to serious quality control and are equipped with the checked protective elements. Besides, USM of the checked firms are made with application of ergonomic requirements. If something happens to the tool, then you will be able always to address to service.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team