How to clean reservoir

How to clean reservoir

Availability on personal plot of the pool or pond not only is decoration of the country territory, but also promotes improvement of microclimate. However behind reservoirs certain leaving is necessary that provides, for example, their regular cleaning.

  • The self-made or acquired filter, net, system for biological cleaning with bacteria, chemical reagents, lamp emitter.

1. Install special container which can be filled with gravel or other filtering material in reservoir (the less fraction of the filtering material, the smaller parts will be detained by him).

2. Surely connect the pump to container: it will direct water of artificial reservoir to the filter. If to manufacture the self-made filter there is no opportunity, such device can always be bought. For mechanical cleaning of reservoir you can use even the most normal net by means of which it is very easy to catch large and small garbage.

3. Install the system of biological cleaning in which filters place special bacteria in reservoir.

4. Use the chemical reagents intended for water treatment of artificial reservoir. With their help you will manage not only to purify water, but also to support certain level of acidity and oxygen and also to dissolve seaweed.

5. Arrange in special grids minerals zeolites. The necessary amount of minerals is defined, proceeding from the following ratio: on 1000 liters of water of artificial reservoir it is necessary about a kilogram of zeolites.

6. Place in pond the lamp emitter having protection gear thanks to what it does not acquire seaweed. By means of ultra-violet radiation you will disinfect water, having destroyed pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

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