How to close up wall opening

How to close up wall opening

At re-planning of rooms sometimes it is required to close wall opening. If it is necessary to put excess windows or doors which go outside, then the brickwork will be required. In rooms the apertures are easily sewn up plasterboard.

It is required to you

  • Material for laying of aperture - brick or gypsum cardboard.
  • Cement slurry.
  • Putty.
  • Primer.
  • Set of tools.


1. Remove covering around wall opening. It is necessary to remove to the basis (concrete or brick). Upholster all old plaster on perimeter, the line of beating, the better will be izlomanny. On width of laying lay waterproofing on concrete. If brick walls, then accurately beat out in every fourth row apertures on brick half for bandaging of laying. Beat out the hammer or the perforator.

2. For concrete walls use for connection with laying special connectors or nails with the termination "larkspur". You fix them to side wall of aperture by means of the perforator and dowels. As sheaf it is also possible to use pieces of armature which hammer into the openings punched by the perforator.

3. Make cement slurry and put aperture brick. Check correctness of laying the level and plumb. In every fourth row put elements of metal banner. If difference between width of partition and wall big, then fix on laying the metal gauze by means of the perforator and dowels with washers. The grid considerably will strengthen compound of plaster and wall.

4. In 24 hours the field of laying it is possible to start primer and plaster. This procedure is performed in two stages. At first the wall is grounded, then plastered and left before full drying.

5. At the second stage one more layer of primer and plaster which is applied aflush with old wall is put. Carefully jam all seams grater. After the second layer dries out, once again walk on it grater that there is no roughness left. Repeatedly to progruntuyta wall surface also process it finishing putty.

6. Let's layers dry out well and jam all roughnesses on wall the small metal grinding gauze. After that it is possible to start finishing work.

7. If the aperture is indoors, then it can be sewn up with gypsum cardboard. For this purpose cut two leaves by the size of aperture and fix them from two parties. Close up slots between leaf and wall cement slurry or primer. Before finishing work gypsum cardboard should be puttied.

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