What blanket is better?

What blanket is better?

The good blanket easy, but warm, that is well keeps heat. Under it it is impossible to freeze in cold nights in the winter, but also in rather warm summer nights it not roast. Besides, the good blanket has to absorb moisture, pass air and to be eco-friendly. Several various materials can fight for this rank and choose what blanket is better, follows, proceeding from individual requirements.

The main quality of blanket – heat preservation. That at low temperature under blanket it was warm, it is necessary that it consisted of material with good heat conductivity. This ability is affected by not only quality of filler, but also its quantity or thickness of blanket.

But not always the good blanket has to be warm, its heat conductivity has to depend on needs of the person, on season, on weather conditions and microclimate in the apartment and the house.

The blanket has to provide good air circulation, otherwise, it has to "breathe". It allows to keep optimum temperature during sleep. It is also important to take away moisture from body therefore material has to absorb it well. Choosing blanket, it is necessary not to forget about other important qualities – ease, simplicity in leaving, hypoallergenicity. Thus, the best blanket it is possible to call that which combines all listed qualities and at the same time answers inquiries of the person on ability to keep heat. Down, woolen, silk blankets are considered as the best though each of them has also certain shortcomings. It is difficult to call products from synthetic materials unambiguously bad, but they have much less advantages, them often heavy, but not really warm.

The main advantage of duvet – its ability to keep warmly. Besides, it rather easy, absorbs moisture and passes air. But down filler has also several shortcomings: it easily dampens therefore in it various organisms, for example dust pincers are got. Not only allergic persons, but also healthy people react to products of their activity therefore duvets need to be cleaned and aired regularly. It is not necessary to buy such blanket for the child if it has predisposition to allergy, and especially for the newborn.

The best duvet is done of eider down, but such product and the most expensive. Optimal variant – soft, warm and light goose down.

The only main lack of woolen blankets – their allergenicity. Also they sometimes are surprised ticks and moth. For the rest it is excellent products – easy, warm, well absorbing, but not delaying moisture. Excellent woolen blankets do of hair of camel or merino, they very easy, well "breathe" and even self-clean.

The silk blanket possesses all list of advantages, except one – it is not really warm. But if it is necessary to take cover something in the summer or in the spring, then it is ideal option. Though in the winter, at good heating of the room under it rather warmly. Silk does not cause allergic reactions, does not attract insects therefore it is very durable, it is easy and wearproof. Its ability to regulate temperature does it during sleep by one of the best products almost on any season. Its only essential shortcoming – high cost.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team